Friday, January 9, 2015

After Islamic Attack In Paris Mia Farrow Is Concerned For The Muslims i see why woody fucked her daughter this bitch is a nut


After Islamic Attack In Paris Mia Farrow Is Concerned For The Muslims

By , January 7, 2015.
Islam, the religion of peace, claimed 12 more victims in Paris today when Muslim terrorists shot and killed 12 people at a satirical magazine for the horrendous crime of drawing cartoons. After an attack like this, which is all too common, one thing is bound to happen: liberals will crack up the Islamic empathy machine. Actress Mia Fallow pressed the start button with a series of tweets showing her concern for the poor misunderstood killers.
Here’s how her Twitter campaign begins:
Don’t forget there are more than one billion peace-loving Muslim families throughout the world
Not to split hairs, but there are a billion Muslims in the world, not a billion Muslim families. As for the peace-loving part: turn on the news sometime. Shootings, bombings, suicide bombings, decapitations, genital mutilations, kidnappings, honor killings, etc… What other religion can claim the list of atrocities Islam has committed against humanity?
And then:
Hoping to hear condemnations from Muslim leaders
Don’t hold your breath, Mia. Every Muslim in the world is cheering the attack against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which saw the editor, several cartoonists, and at least one police officer killed in cold blood. Even if Islamic leaders do condemn this act of cowardice, it will be in an insincere and self-preserving manner.
At this point a twitter user tries to call Fallow out by asking:
Still waiting on why you need Muslims to condemn what happened.
Farrow responds with a tweet that looks like it was deleted but Twitchy was lucky enough to capture it:
I dread a backlash against all Muslims. Condemnation helps distance the majority from these few murderers
You know what I dread? That something like this will happen again, and you know it will. My concern is with the families of those killed as well as the survivors of this horrifying attack. My empathy, and most other caring human beings for that matter, is with the victims not the perpetrators.
Mia Farrow proves once again how liberals are the sh*ttiest people on the planet. Well, maybe second sh*ttiest just behind Islamic terrorists. If the first thing you do after hearing about Islamic terrorists killing 12 people is tweet about how you are concerned for the Muslims, you are a terrible awful disgusting human being.
You want me to feel sorry for a bunch of Jihadists that prey on innocent people? It ain’t gonna happen.

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