Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ALERT: Obama Openly Supported the New Black Panthers on Campaign Website [PROOF]

ALERT: Obama Openly Supported the New Black Panthers on Campaign Website [PROOF]

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

It seems that Barack Obama’s ties with the New Black Panther Party extend far beyond the free pass given the group by the DOJ on voter intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential race.
Photos have come to light showing the then candidate Barack Obama marching with and sharing the podium with Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz during a campaign rally in Selma, Ala. in March 2007. (H/T Breitbart.com [Breitbart’s pictures aren’t loading presently–to see pictures visit Townhall.com here]). Shabazz was the same Panther that was investigated by the DOJ for voter intimidation in Philly and is suspected as the same “Malik Shabazz” that visited the White house private residence in July 2009.

Yet the biggest bombshell may be how Barack Obama not only openly supports the New Black Panthers on the campaign trail but on his website as well.
On the 2008 Obama campaign website (H/T moonbattery.com) there was a profile on the radical group along with a picture of their symbol.
The New Black Panther Party is at best a hate group, and at worst a terrorist organization that advocates for black militants to rise up and form an army to “shock” the conscience of the population.
The fact that our president would openly support this group in public, much less associate with them on a campaign website, is beyond comprehension.
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Obama’s failure to reign in this hate group and the fact that Eric Holder  gave them a free pass will probably damage the credibility of the offices of the President and the Attorney General for years to come.
Once again the liberal media’s news blackout and slanted narrative, coupled with white guilt and an uninformed electorate, allows another insight into who this president really is to slip through the cracks.
If this were any other president something like this would bring down the administration. But the media is too invested in Barack Obama’s presidency to ever publicize this.

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