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Fox Claims Eric Holder Runs DOJ like the Black Panthers Would... and they're kinda Right

Fox Claims Eric Holder Runs DOJ like the Black Panthers Would... and they're kinda Right

Did you know the Eric Holder was a member of the Black KKK?  Apparently Eric Holder doesn't know that either, but here it is revealed - Breaking - on Fox News that Attorney Eric Holder is a Race-Baiting Anti-White Racist, and "he runs the DOJ like the Black Panthers."

Discussing the events in Ferguson, and the media’s coverage of the shooting of unarmed black teenager Micheal Brown by a white policeman, Tantaros deplored the media, “blowing up what, in their minds, is a white on black incident.” Tantaros then pivoted to the Department of Justice, claiming they are “pushing this entire thing.”
Eric Holder is one of the biggest race-baiters in this entire country. He runs that DOJ like the Black Panthers would,” she said, followed by crosstalk with co-host Bob Beckel shaking his head and saying, “That’s a very strong statement.”
Host Eric Bolling stepped in, stating, “I somewhat agree with Andrea, but not calling him a race-baiter, but maybe call him, it might be a race activist?”
Tantaros responded by referencing Holder’s 2009 speech where he called America a “nation of cowards,” when it came to discussing issues of race.
“A nation of cowards?” Tantaros excitedly said. “He said a nation of cowards. You know, Eric, the 350,000 people that died in the Civil War? I think that they, uh, they’re probably not cowards.
The Odd thing about this, is that if Tantaros actually knew anything about the Black Panther Party for Self Protection she might realize her off-hand intentionally inflammatory remark actually has a bit of truth to it.  And that it's a good thing.
Some would feel that we shouldn't pay any attention to what people on Fox News say.  I'm sympathetic to that view since I usually feel like I need a Silkwood Detox after any more than five seconds near that channel.  But sometimes I think it's important to understand what messages the other 2/5ths of the country are hearing on a regular basis, and to have an answer for their claims if they ever come up in real life conversation or for that matter - during Elections.
They're aren't just spewing nonsense or fun, they're attempting to provide an agenda for a pissed off and paranoid electorate. Democrats ignore that at their polling peril.
So the first question is just how has Attorney General Holder been Racist in his application of the Law?  There was a delegation from the DOJ's Civil Rights section sent down to investigate the situation in Sanford FL involving Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.  And even though a cousin of George's had argued that the family, particularly George's mother, was bigoted against Blacks and had secretly molested her for years and gotten away with it.
“It started when I was six,” the woman told investigators during an interview on the morning of March 20. “We’d all lay in front of the TV and we had pillows and blankets and he would reach under the blankets and try to do things and I would try to push him off but he was bigger and stronger and older,” the woman said, audibly weeping in the Florida State Attorney's Office interview recording released Monday. “It was in front of everybody and I don’t know how I didn’t say anything, I just didn’t know any better.” ....
Witness 9 first made an anonymous call to law enforcement and shortly thereafter met with investigators with the State Attorney's Office. The revelations of alleged sexual molestation were buttressed by the woman's belief that Martin's race may have played a role in his killing by Zimmerman.
I was afraid that he may have done something because the kid was black,” the witness told investigators. “Because growing up they’ve always made, him and his family have always made statements that they don’t like black people if they don’t act like white people. They like black people if they act white and other than that, they talk a lot of bad things about black people.
And that he racially harassed a co-worker to a near breakdown.
(Newser) – More revelations from the newly released George Zimmerman evidence: A former co-worker said in an interview that Zimmerman taunted him mercilessly with racist jokes, Huffington Post reports. At the office, Zimmerman called the Middle Eastern man "a f**cking moron" and "Achmed the terrorist," and joked about "bombing" and other "Middle Eastern stuff," the worker said. “It was like, middle school, high school humor, but he was going on and on and on for days and days."
Yet the DOJ and FBI came to this sleuthy conclusion.
After interviewing 30 people familiar with George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain charged with killing African-American teenager Trayvon Martin, FBI agents found no evidence that the shooting was driven by racial bias or animus.
Yeah as if the guy who molested his younger cousin for ten years, practically right in front of them, and got away with by lying and charming everyone into thinking he was a completely different person than he really was - was going to leave a hot trail of bigotry to follow right to his doorstep? You really can't say that the DOJ really come up with anything in that case that would justify this "Black Panther" accusation.  The New Black Panther Party put out a $10k Bounty for Zimmerman's Arrest, all the DOJ did was talk to some of his friends, but not any the enemies he's made over years like his cousin, his co-worker, his ex-wife [who accused him of threatening her with a gun] and now his ex-girlfriend [who called the cops on him for pointing his gun at her].
I'm not seeing how they're working in sympatico.
In the old days the FBI and the DOJ were mortal enemies.  FBI informants were used to infiltrate and deliver false evidence about and false information to members of the BPP to either get them arrested, into violent confrontations with police or violent confrontations with each other.  But their efforts in this area weren't limited to the BPP.
In August 1967, the FBI initiated a covert action program -- COINTELPRO -- to disrupt and "neutralize" organizations which the Bureau characterized as "Black Nationalist Hate Groups." The targets of this nationwide program to disrupt "militant black nationalist organizations" included groups such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM), and the Nation of Islam (NOI). It was expressly directed against such leaders as Martin Luther King, Jr., Stokley Carmichael, H. Rap Brown, Maxwell Stanford, and Elijah Muhammad.
By July 1969, the Black Panthers had become the primary focus of the program, and was ultimately the target of 233 of the total authorized "Black Nationalist" COINTELPRO actions. 4
Although the claimed purpose of the Bureau's COINTELPRO tactics was to prevent violence, some of the FBI's tactics against the BPP were clearly intended to foster violence, and many others could reasonably have been expected to cause violence. For example, the FBI's efforts to "intensify the degree of animosity" between the BPP and the Blackstone Rangers, a Chicago street gang, included sending an anonymous letter to the gang's leader falsely informing him that the the Chicago Panthers had "a hit out" on him. 5 The stated intent of the letter was to induce the Ranger leader to "take reprisals against" the Panther leadership. 6
Similarly, in Southern California, the FBI launched a covert effort to "create further dissension in the ranks of the BPP." 7 This effort included mailing anonymous letters and caricatures to BPP members ridiculing the local and national BPP leadership for the express purpose of exacerbating an existing "gang war" between the BPP and an organization called the United Slaves (US). This "gang war" resulted in the killing of four BPP members by members of US and in numerous beatings and shootings.
I would say that's nothing like what occurred with George Zimmerman.   I'm not going to claim that the BPP then or as the new form of them exists now are some of my favorite people - certainly not this guy here with the stick in front of a polling place in 2008 [although Foxers oddly seem to think a pollwatcher with a stick is intimidating, but a pollwatcher or voter with a loaded handgun is just "fine"] - but I would say that at their initial beginning they really weren't all that different from what people at the Cliven Bundy Ranch claim to be [but aren't], Pro Justice.
They were Pro Second Amendment, Pro Open Carry, Pro-Freedom and Anti-Police Brutality & Corruption.
“The Black Panther Party’s 1966 platform, known as the 10-point program, included the demand: ‘We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of Black people, other people of color, and all oppressed people inside the United States,’” the group’s Julian Hipkins III wrote. “The issue of police brutality in communities of color has a long history and the Panther platform gives an example of how to turn grievances into a clear set of goals for meaningful change,” he said.
You can review the Original BPP's full Ten Point Plan Here, which included such "Anti-White"  ideas such as a call to Freedom, Full Employment, An End to Wage and Wealth Theft, Decent Housing, Decent Eductation and Free Healthcare for Black and Oppressed people. So with being Pro-Theft & Anti-Healthcare, Anti-Education and Anti-Employment as a given by that token we can also assume that apparently Ms. Tantarros is All Good with the Police Brutality. and clearly Hates the Constitution and 2nd Amendment but ironically she may have stumbled onto a kernel of truth.  Under Eric Holder the DOJ has held an nearly unprecedented level of investigations of Police Brutality - which actually IS something that that BPP would have supported.
Under Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., the Justice Department has initiated twice as many reviews of police departments for possible constitutional violations as the next most prolific of his predecessors. At least 34 other departments are under investigation for alleged civil rights violations
Also under been Eric Holder's DOJ that FBI informants were able to uncover the Los Angeles Sheriff Department Brutality Scandal.
A jury Tuesday found six members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department guilty of attempting to impede a federal civil rights inquiry into the county jails, providing prosecutors with a decisive victory as they continue to investigate higher-level officials tied to the scandal. The case stems from a 2011 undercover operation in which the FBI used a jail inmate as an informant to investigate brutality and other misconduct by jail guards. Prosecutors charged that sheriff's officials discovered the inmate was working for the FBI and hid him from agents and the grand jury.
The charges stemmed from a chaotic few weeks at the Men's Central Jail, less than a mile from the federal courthouse where the six stood trial. The conspiracy began, prosecutors said, with the discovery of a cellphone, wrapped in a glove and put inside a potato chip bag, found on inmate Anthony Brown.
Brown was acting as an informant for FBI agents investigating allegations of widespread violence by deputies against inmates. The agents smuggled a cellphone to Brown by bribing a corrupt deputy in an undercover sting to corroborate inmates' stories.
This wasn't exactly something that people were rushing out into the streets to complain about.  It wasn't on the News and you didn't Al Sharpton parachute in to claim credit on it, not until after the charges were filled against these Deputies in Federal Court.  And frankly, not even after that.  The FBI simply did their job, that's all. So if you want to say that this, investigating, catching, arresting and Convicting Cops of corruption and brutality is "Running the DOJ the way the Black Panthers Would"... You'd probably have a strong case to make.  Somehow though, I don't think this is what Tantarros meant.
Two other quick things, the 360,000 thousand Americans who died in the Civil War fighting for the North (another 288,000 died for the South which she conveniently ignores) certainty didn't all do it to serve the cause of Civil Rights and to Free the Slaves.  Most of them did it to Get Back at the South for Attacking the North.  Many Northern Soldiers were just as Racist as the Confederates.
A chief tenet of the Lost Cause was that secession had been forced on the South to Confederate sympathizers have long understood the importance of getting the Civil War wrong. In 1866, a year after the war ended, an ex-Confederate named Edward A. Pollard published the first pro-southern history, called The Lost Cause: A New Southern History of the War of the Confederates. Pollard’s book was followed by a torrent of similar propaganda. Soon, the term “Lost Cause” perfectly described the South’s collective memory of the war. A chief tenet of the Lost Cause was that secession had been forced on the South to protect states’ rights. "protect states’ rights. This view spread in part because racism pervaded both North and South, and both ex-Confederates and ex-Unionists wanted to put the war behind them. Beginning with Mississippi’s new constitution in 1890, white southerners effectively removed African Americans from citizenship and enshrined their new status in Jim Crow laws. Northerners put the war behind them by turning their backs on blacks and letting Jim Crow happen.
If those 360,000 had truly died purely for Human and Civil Rights, then their survivors and ancestors wouldn't have turned such a blind-eye as Jim Crow, Segregation and their own well embedded Racism in the North flourished unabated for the Next 100 Years. Holder wasn't calling them "Cowards", he was calling YOU a Coward Ms. Tantarros.  He was calling out all of us, for not having the frank, honest, direct conversations we need to have to begin healing this open wound.  I still question now, as I did then, Did Anyone Actually Listen to what Holder said about Racial Cowardice?
Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. Though race related issues continue to occupy a significant portion of our political discussion, and though there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation, we, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race. It is an issue we have never been at ease with and given our nation’s history this is in some ways understandable. And yet, if we are to make progress in this area we must feel comfortable enough with one another, and tolerant enough of each other, to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us. But we must do more- and we in this room bear a special responsibility. Through its work and through its example this Department of Justice, as long as I am here, must - and will - lead the nation to the "new birth of freedom" so long ago promised by our greatest President. This is our duty and our solemn obligation. As a nation we have done a pretty good job in melding the races in the workplace. We work with one another, lunch together and, when the event is at the workplace during work hours or shortly thereafter, we socialize with one another fairly well, irrespective of race. And yet even this interaction operates within certain limitations. We know, by "American instinct" and by learned behavior, that certain subjects are off limits and that to explore them risks, at best embarrassment, and, at worst, the questioning of one’s character. And outside the workplace the situation is even more bleak in that there is almost no significant interaction between us. On Saturdays and Sundays America in the year 2009 does not, in some ways, differ significantly from the country that existed some fifty years ago. This is truly sad. Given all that we as a nation went through during the civil rights struggle it is hard for me to accept that the result of those efforts was to create an America that is more prosperous, more positively race conscious and yet is voluntarily socially segregated.
He wasn't Guilt-Shaming White People.  He wasn't affirming Black Resentment.  He was simply saying that although we may often work together in the office, we don't play together, we don't pray together and we don't discuss together what we really think, what we feel and why.  Perhaps we don't because we're too afraid we'll get into an "It's not my fault - it's Yours" argument. Far too many people feel that any discussion of race is merely a pretext for an accusation.  It's all White People's Fault for being Bigoted or it's all Black People's fault for Complaining Too much, or for letting their youth run wild with guns, gangs and drugs.
We all know that the average American, White or Black is probably pretty tired of being accused of stuff, whether it's being a bigot or a whiner, whether it's being a bigot enabler or a criminal enabler.  We've had that discussion and it leads nowhere.
Holder was pointing out that we're afraid to have the next discussion, which is - What is it we - the collective "we", the all of us "we" - can do about it all?  We do a lot of talking at each other about race, but not a lot of talking too each other - and I don't mean across the racial divide itself - I mean across the ideological divide which is frankly much greater.
I've long said that the first thing we need to do is have some courage.  Is that Black Guy walking down the street toward you more or less likely than "Rob, Kill, Murder" you than any random White guy?  [Robbery Arrest rates say "Maybe", however for Assault, Shoplifting, Pick-Pocketing, Burglary, Rape, Fraud, Embezzlement or Murder particularly if you look at all of data, it says "No"! - but who can calculate those accurately on the fly in the heat of the moment?] Is if fair to ask people take that risk?
Well, actually, it's exactly as fair as asking that Black Guy NOT to presume that the reason you just crossed the street to avoid them, isn't because you just did the random calculations in your head and presumed he was a threat without any evidence. Is it fair to ask him not to go with the odds?
Which group is better justified in assuming the worst about each other?  How 'bout - a surprise - neither!  Sometimes you have to admit that you don't know, what you don't know - before you have the possibility of learning it.
Sometimes you have to take the chance, sometimes you have to defy what the "odds" are - and find out the truth.  One by one. Person by person. Moment by moment. Situation by situation. It's counter-intuitive. That's not our natural state. It goes against our nature to throw all of our previous experience, everything we "know" and everything we think we know out the window and take a chance on learning something new day in and day out.
That. Takes. Courage..
Eric Holder was exactly correct, we haven't shown nearly enough of that over the last couple centuries.  We could use some of that. Lots of it.

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