Iranian President Hassan Rouhani likened the terrorism that has menaced Paris these past few days with Israeli policies toward the Palestinians.

In remarks carried by official state media, Rouhani said that Tehran “condemns extremism, violence, and terrorism whether in Palestine, Lebanon and the Levant or in Paris and the United States.”

Rouhani made the remarks during a meeting with delegates who traveled to the Iranian capital to attend the Islamic Unity Conference.

“Those who are unrightfully killing people and carrying out acts of violence and extremism in the name of Jihad, religion or Islam are, wittingly or unwittingly, treading the path of [promoting] Islamophobia and [are actually] fighting against Islam,” he added.

Rouhani went on to reiterate his government's support for "resistance," which the West considers a euphemism for terrorism.

“We are very happy that Muslim people in the region from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine to Pakistan and Afghanistan resist extremism, violence and terrorism and achieve new victories on a daily basis,” the Iranian presiden