Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Presidents Own…We Don’t Belong To Him…Our Oath Is To This Country

The Presidents Own…We Don’t Belong To Him…Our Oath Is To This Country…

image                                                    Marines are called the presidents own. So why was one of the presidents own locked up in Mexico. If that Marines name was Bergdahl would he still be locked up. If the shoe were on the other foot Tahmoorissi would have lost his head. The president said that he would seek out ISIS and destroy them. He should go to the border with a few of his own and start there. He could take care of two problems at once. They know ISIS is crossing our border. He says his job is to protect this country, and I agree. He is not doing his job because the border is still open.
One of our own was locked up in prison for making the wrong turn. While Bergdahl was released for five of our enemies. Bergdahl chose to make the wrong turn. Sgt Tahmoorissi tried to turnaround and come back. Bergdahl is a traitor and sought out the enemy. He gave information that put his fellow soldiers in danger. No man including Bergdahl is worth releasing the enemy back into society. So when the president walks by that Marine on his lawn sweating in his dress blues. The Marine standing at attention for hours just to open the door for him. They hurt inside for what he is putting this country through. Marines love this country but have no love for the man leading it…Semper Fi, Shep


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