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URGENT: United Nations Makes Massive Move to Destroy Bill of Rights

URGENT: United Nations Makes Massive Move to Destroy Bill of Rights

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

The United Nations, while hailed as a collective body of world leaders, is in reality little more than a collection of brutal dictators, benign and malicious autocrats and theocrats, and corrupt bureaucrats.
The U.N. is rightly viewed by many Americans as a threat to U.S. sovereignty and our God-given, natural, and inalienable rights, which have been codified in and protected by the Bill of Rights and Constitution.  This is evident by their assault on our Second Amendment-protected rights, state’s rights, and other individual rights.

These natural rights, most notably freedom of speech, are under attack by the U.N. right now in Japan.
Citing so-called “human rights” and “international law,” the U.N. is pressuring governments around the globe, like that of Japan, to criminalize so-called “hate speech.”
The purported target in Japan is a small group of anti-Korean protestors known as “Zaitokukai,” who have used racially discriminatory speech in their demonstrations against North Korea. But in reality the broader target is the freedom of speech everywhere, not just in Japan.
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Although our ally Japan has a Constitution modeled after our own, which explicitly protects free speech, there is sadly support among the elite political class in Japan for the U.N.’s actions to clamp down on alleged hate speech.
One Japanese politician who supports the U.N. said that lawmakers should be allowed to work “without any fear of criticism,” which should alarm anyone who has ever been critical of the government.
Much of the U.N.’s action against free speech comes from the “International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination,” which supposedly “requires” all nations to criminalize and crack down on speech that could “justify or promote racial hatred, hostility, or discrimination.”
Based on this, the U.N.’s Human Rights Czar Navi Pillay said, “Defining the line that separates protected from unprotected speech is ultimately a decision that is best made after a thorough assessment of the circumstances of each case.”
Basically, any time that anyone ever speaks, they should worry about whether or not what they just said could be classified as unprotected hate speech — after the fact.
Bear in mind that the U.N.’s version of “human rights” is vastly different than our own natural rights which are enshrined in and protected by the Constitution.
While the American view of rights treasures things “such as self-defense, free speech, religious liberty, trial by jury, privacy, and property ownership,” and rightly views them as natural, God-given, pre-existing rights that are merely protected by government, the U.N. views all of these things as privileges that are granted to the people through the benevolence of government, and can thus be taken away, according to The New American..
The U.N. hates the rights Americans enjoy, and will do everything in their limited power to destroy them, nor will they stop until they are successful.
The U.N. must be resisted at all costs by Americans, and we should pressure our representatives and senators to hold fast and reject every single thing put forward by the anti-American U.N.
Furthermore, the United States should cease funding the U.N.’s anti-American agenda, kick the U.N. off of American soil, and withdraw themselves entirely from the international collection of dictators, technocrats and autocrats who are pursuing a totalitarian agenda that seeks to bring about the demise of the American liberty we hold dear.

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