Tuesday, December 30, 2014

About Prince William Islamic


Prince William Islamic Center

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  • 9002 Mathis Ave
  • Manassas, Virginia 20110
Phone(703) 330-3556


  • Mohamed Lakhloufi
    Great way to be with Allah is to pray in the Masjid and study the Quran and the Seerah of the prophet (pbuh) and his companions. All these and much more are offered in the Prince William Islamic Center.
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    • Charlene Cleo Eiben
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  • Hasana Omar
    Prince William Islamic Center....thank you for this app, may Allah blessed you and all muslims who support this Islamic center.. i wish i could visit there personally.. more power from Allah..
  • Siti
    Prince William, Are U Moslem?
    May God(Alloh) bless U
    best wishes from Asian moslem

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