Tuesday, December 30, 2014

ALERT: Parents Expose Insane Islamic Propaganda in High School… Video Goes Viral

ALERT: Parents Expose Insane Islamic Propaganda in High School… Video Goes Viral

Monday, December 29th, 2014

A North Carolina High School is coming under fire from concerned parents over an English vocabulary lesson that many view as outright propaganda, according to EAGNews.
One of the concerned parents sent a copy of the vocabulary lesson, which uses sentences revolving around Mohammed and the Islamic faith as examples for using certain vocabulary words, to a woman in Florida, who in turn posted a video to the internet exposing the Islamic propaganda.

“Please, for the love of God, spread this video …,” she said. “This is not an email situation. This is not a phone call situation. This is an I’m going get in your face situation and I have some questions and I am going to demand some answers.
“This is a when is the next school board meeting, and we all need to be there,” she said. “All of us.”
The woman, Dianne Lynn Savage, assured her viewers that “this isn’t made up, this isn’t paranoia, this isn’t Islamophobia. This is fact.”

She said the main concern is that the lesson focused solely on Islam, with no mention of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or any other major religion.
“When is the last time you saw your son or daughter, grandson or daughter, come home from public school with a curriculum lesson built around God, around Jesus Christ, around Buddha?” Savage questioned. “When was the last time? I thought this wasn’t allowed. I thought they didn’t allow religion into schools.”
The lesson uses the context of Islam and Mohammed to show how to use certain words in a sentence.  It should be noted that the particular words have no religious connotations, and could be used in a multitude of other innocuous sentences.  Here are two examples, using the words “astute” and “recur”:
“It is entirely possible that Mohammed was an astute, or shrewd, merchant, but at about the age of forty, he gave up his career as a merchant and became a religious hermit.”
“Ramadan recurs every year as the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar. Ramadan is remembered as the time during which Mohammed received the Koran, Islam’s holy book, from the archangel Gabriel.”
For their part, the Pitt County School District released a statement regarding the video and the vocabulary lesson, which they defended.
While they acknowledge the concerns of the parents, they maintain that the lesson doesn’t constitute “proselytizing” the Islamic faith, and is merely used in conjunction with the civilization portion of a broader world literature workbook.
The school also admitted that the lesson is part of curriculum designed around the Common Core standards.
We will wait patiently for the next video which shows a worksheet using Christianity in a positive light to grant context to normal vocabulary words, but we won’t hold our breath while waiting.
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