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Pope Francis and the Rose Prophecy

Pope Francis and the Rose Prophecy

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Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum. Habemus Papam!
Qui sibi nomen imposuit: Franciscum, 'Ingis ardens'
Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.97 ~
Romain Pontife garde de t'approcher,
De la cité que deux fleuves arrouse,
Ton sang viendras aupres de là cracher,
Toi & les tiens quand fleurira la Rose.
Roman Pontiff beware of approaching,
The city that two rivers arrouse,
Your blood will come from the spitting,
You and yours when the Rose will flourish.
Pope Francis waves to a crowd of the faithful The Third Secret of Fatima (excerpt) ~And we saw in an immense light ... a Bishop dressed in White. We had the impression that it was the Holy Father. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions.

Pope Francis: "The international community is compelled to act."The Islamic State is committing acts of genocide

Updated: September 1, 2014 (5:11 AM EDT); September 23, 2014 (5:57 AM EDT).
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: The Holy Father now faces a grave challenge. He has declared as "licit" all and any military action against the Islamic State that has carved out a caliphate the size of Belgium in both Iraq and Syria. His remarks fall short of an actual call for war, but does recognize that the appropriate conditions have been met for military action to be considered as just and as a legitimate means to end the genocide being committed by IS.
He has also stated that, in addition to his planned Philadelphia trip next year, he may also visit New York City in 2015. But more chilling are two recent developments:
1) Reports that the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) is planning an assassination of the Pope:

Islamic State: Pope is 'being targeted by Isis', Iraqi ambassador to the Holy See warns - September 16, 2014.
The Islamic State (Isis) is intent on killing the Pope, the Iraqi ambassador to the Holy See has warned the Vatican. Habeeb Al-Sadr, who has been the ambassador since 2010, has advised that one of Isis’ goals is to assassinate the Pontiff and warned that the jihadists “don’t just threaten”, according to Italian newspaper La Nazione ... "What has been declared by the self-proclaimed Islamic State is clear – they want to kill the Pope," he told La Nazione on Tuesday, adding: "The threats against the Pope are credible." The threat against Pope Francis, 77, was widely discussed earlier this year after he had endorsed the ‘stopping’ of Isis and its persecution of 40,000 Christians in northern Iraq. It was reported in August that security in Rome had been heightened after Israeli officials warned that the Pope’s censure of Isis had led the militants to target him ... Mr Al-Sadr, however, said an assault against the Pope won’t necessarily happen in an Arab or Muslim-majority country, considering that some Isis fighters are from Britain, France and America. He said the militants "have Western passports. Isis could send these fighters to commit a terrorist act in Europe," warning that the Pope should be protected wherever he goes.
Report: Pope Francis Is ‘In The Crosshairs Of ISIS’ - August 29, 2014.
Italy Steps Up Security Over Alleged ISIS Plot to Kill The Pope - August 28, 2014.

Pope Francis may be targeted by ISIS

2) A statement by Francis that he is seriously "considering" a visit to Iraq and reports that he has a papal trip to the Turkey-Iraq border planned for late November:

Pope Francis to go to Turkey in November … and maybe Iraq - September 9, 2014.
"Actually, a visit to Turkey by Pope Francis would be notable enough, given the move away from the Kemalist demand of secularism in the almost-completely Muslim state. There may be even more to the trip than just reminding the world of the important Christian heritage in Turkey, though.  According to Vatican correspondent Inés San Martín of Crux, Pope Francis might push his way to the Iraqi frontier during a visit that may catch observers by surprise."

Thankfully, his recent trip to Tirana, Albania was a safe one. However, given his intentions to venture into the Mesopotamian "land between two rivers," it appears I must revert to the original premise of this page when it was created to warn Pope John Paul II of possible assassination if he visited Iraq when this page and website first appeared on the Internet in May 1999 at GeoCities.
Militants loyal to their "emir," Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, are massacring Iraqi Christians by the thousands, subjecting them, along with Zoroastrians and Muslims not willing to follow Sharia law, to beheadings, garrotings, mass shootings, and torture; subjecting them to the mass abductions of their wives, fiancées, and unmarried women and girls to be forced into marriage with the jihadists or else to be raped and murdered; and subjecting their children to mass beheadings or being dashed to pieces.
In the space of two months, an obscure terrorist leader has become an antichrist ... and if not a fulfillment of the beast of Revelation 13, still quite possibly one of the other dark figures found in both Biblical and Islamic prophecy who will precede him.
How long will Francis wait? How many Christians will die before he will feel OBLIGATED to visit Iraq and bless the bodies of the slain Christian martyrs. The prophetic implications of a papal visit to any part of Iraq are potentially dreadful.
Nostradamus was preoccupied ... obsessed even ... with a country that is famous for its two rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, at least two infamous tyrants that would rule it, several military campaigns, one now in progress there as I write, and a few others yet to be conducted. That "land between two rivers" he has identified in certain other quatrains as "Mesopotamia" ... thus Iraq. I cannot shake the belief that Quatrain 2.97 was one of a group of quatrains dealing with near future events in that country.

What does Quatrain 2.97 say?

Let us review the quatrain again, with my written translation and, for dramatic emphasis, the Das Abra translation as performed by the actor Vernon Dobtcheff:

Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.97 ~
Romain Pontife garde de t'approcher,
De la cité que deux fleuves arrouse,
Ton sang viendras aupres de là cracher,
Toi & les tiens quand fleurira la Rose.
Roman Pontiff beware of your approaching,
Of the city where two rivers water,
Your blood you will come to spit in that place,
Both you and yours when blooms the Rose.

Pope Francis makes way through crowd July 27 in Rio de Janeiro

Quatrain 2.97 suggests an anti-Christian leader, who at this time would most likely be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the proclaimed caliph of the Islamic State (IS), will order the Pope and everyone in his entourage to be gunned down during a visit to a river port city in Iraq. According to Nostradamus they will bleed from the mouth due to internal hemorrhaging. The prophecy also states that the deadly visit will be scheduled to take place "when blooms the Rose." Roses can bloom anytime between mid-May and late November, although the big flush for Old European roses, the kind Nostradamus would have been most familiar with, is usually in June. Thus, the events in the quatrain will likely occur in June of the year in question (June 2015?).
An alternative meaning of "the Rose" will be explored further below.
I tell you, if the mass slaughter and rape of innocents does not end, he will be forced to go to that terrible place. And then he and everyone who accompanies him will fall victim to the warning of the bloodshed in Quatrain 2.97 and possibly another similar prophecy concerning a "Bishop dressed in White" who enters a large city half-destroyed, prays over the corpses lying on the city streets, and is assassinated along with his clergy as they seek to ascend a holy mountain with a rugged cross at its summit.
It remains clear as ever that the above prophetic verse, Quatrain 2.97, inked by Michel de Notredame in 1554, has characteristics that are so similar to what was revealed concerning the prophecy revealed in the Third Secret of Fatima as to possibly be another facet of the vision. Then again, there are striking differences.
In any event, there is now no question that the vision contained in the Third Secret of Fatima was not fulfilled with the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981 as suggested by leading cardinals after the release of the transcript on June 26, 2000.

Complete Translation of Original Text by Lucia dos Santos

VATICAN CITY, JUN 26, 2000 (VIS) - Given below is the complete translation of the original Portuguese text of the third part of the secret of Fatima, revealed to the three shepherd children at Cova da Iria-Fatima on July 13, 1917, and committed to paper by Sr. Lucia on January 3, 1944:

"I write in obedience to you, my God, who command me to do so through his Excellency the Bishop of Leiria and through your Most Holy Mother and mine. "After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendor that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'.

The 'Bishop in white' from the film The 13th Day

And we saw in an immense light that is God: 'something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White 'we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God."

It has been declared that the May 1981 attack on Pope John Paul II's life in Rome by Turkish assailant Mehmet Ali Agca was the fulfillment of the Third Secret of Fatima.
This plainly cannot be the meaning of the Third Secret.
First of all, according to the translated text of the letter written by Sr. Lucia, "the Bishop dressed in White" is accompanied by a large number of bishops, priests, nuns, and various lay people -- all of whom are killed along with the pope.
Secondly, and this is most important, the Pope visits a large (and probably major) city that is half-destroyed and littered with corpses. It is quite obvious that a major war is going on at the time since so many dead people lay in the streets. If not for all the corpses, the city might otherwise be numerous ancient ruins allowed to still be standing in a part of an otherwise thriving city.
Thirdly, the Pope and his clergy are killed by soldiers (or else people who are similar to soldiers, such as the IS terrorist militants) ... and not by a single deranged man in a crowd.
The mountain with the rugged cross at its top is a mystery if applied to Mesopotamia. I can find no evidence of a holy mountain associated with Christianity existing anywhere in Iraq! Could the mountain somehow be symbolic, a metaphor for the tribulation of the Holy Church and Christendom? If you know of such a mountain with a cross at its summit near to where the Islamic State is holding territory in Iraq and the adjacent part of Syria ... or anywhere in Iraq ... please do leave a comment on my forum or blog or via email!
The sprinkling of souls with the blood of the martyrs by angels may be the sealing of the 144,000 of the tribes of children of Israel as described in the Book of Revelation.
If not, it is something that will precede that event and involve the blessing upon the faithful.
We are introduced to a new figure -- what may be an angel of the Apocalypse described as "an Angel with a flaming sword." He is actually introduced well before the appearance of the Bishop in White. Mary stays the world-consuming fire from his hand. This suggests that nuclear war has nearly occurred in the recent past but was prevented by Mary's intercession and prayer.
I strongly believe there is linkage between the "Roman Pontiff" and his clergy who are slain in Nostradamus' Quatrain 2.97 and the "Bishop dressed in White" and his clergy and lay people who are gunned down in the Third Secret of Fatima.
Since the vision clearly states that the "Bishop clothed in White" (the Pope) will be slain along with "the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious" by soldiers firing bullets, I submit to you that this is remarkably similar to Quatrain 2.97 which warns the pontiff that both "you and yours" will "come to spit blood" in a city watered between two rivers. Even though, by miracle, Saint John Paul II was spared during the attack on his life by Mehmet Ali Agca thirty-three years ago, this does not explain why he alone was attacked when the Third Secret states that the Bishop in White will crawl over the corpses of his entourage and followers. This is also what Quatrain 2.97 indicates when saying "both you and yours."
Because the pope is described as being "afflicted with pain and sorrow" one might conclude that this is a frail and elderly pontiff. However, we cannot discount the possibility that the "pain and sorrow" is a result of the terrible war and persecution to come.
I have little doubt that events described in Quatrain 2.97 and the Third Secret of Fatima will happen. And if events are as pre-destined as they appear to be in the Third Secret of Fatima, then all the warnings in the world will not save the Pope or those who will be slain with him.
Where is the "big city?" In late March 2013, Pope Francis met with the Iraqi Patriarch Mar Lois Raphael I Sako and responded postively to an invitation to visit Iraq. Of course at that time there was no ISIS or Islamic State. It was then confirmed that he would be visiting several cities in Iraq in the near future: Erbil, in northern Iraq, Baghdad in central Iraq, and Najaf, in southern Iraq ... with possible stops at Basra and the ancient city of Ur. At this time Erbil seems a strong possibility, given the bloodshed in that region. However, I fear it may yet be the capital:

Islamic ahadith: The Sufyani will then send an army to Iraq, killing 100,000 in Az-Zawra (Baghdad).

The IS could have killed as many as 500,000 people in Baghdad if they had blown up the Mosul Dam the other day! But thus far, the Kurds and the Americans have prevented that from happening.
If they had accomplished such an horrific act, would Pope Francis have felt compelled to fly to Baghdad to pray for the souls of those lying dead in its streets?
Almost as a warning to the Pope NOT to travel to Iraq, three members of his family died in a car crash near Cordoba in Argentina: the wife of his nephew and their two sons. The nephew remains in hospital in critical condition at this writing.
There are cities in Iraq and neighbouring Syria watered by both the Tigris and Euphrates, the city of Basra in particular (not far from the ancient city of Ur). But it matters little. For a pope these days to be in any city in the "land between two rivers" (Iraq) is death! To the Islamic State, formerly ISIS, formerly Al Qaeda in Iraq, responsible for unspeakable acts of blood-letting and carnage, especially against Christians, he is one of several iconic symbols representing what they hate most about the "infidel" Christian West.
Still, one must always be mindful of the possibility that IS and its leader may be destroyed by the United States and by its new Shi'a allies in Iran and southern and northern Iraq. This could conceivably set up an alternative scenario in Iraq that may be just as dreadful as the one currently emerging. If so, it may yet fall to militant Shi'a leader Muqtada al-Sadr in southern Iraq, who also caused much death in southern Baghdad and places such as Karbala, to dispatch the new "pontiff of Rome."
Unfortunately, Francis or his successor risk possible assassination in any city “watered by two rivers.” An act of terrorism against the Pope and his entourage could occur anywhere in the world at the behest of any terrorist leader who may order a pope and everyone in his entourage to be shot by terrorists during a visit to a major port city near a dual river system. According to Nostradamus they will all bleed from the mouth from internal hemorrhaging.
Due to similarities between Quatrain 2.97 and a prominent theme in the text released in 2000 of the Third Secret of Fatima, I also suspect the papal visit will occur during a major war or global war ... a war that seems to be on the verge of breaking out at any time in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. After all, there are already half-destroyed cities in Syria ... a result of the campaign of mass death carried out by "the bloody Alus": Bashar al-Assad, who appears in one of Nostradamus' "land between two rivers" quatrains. Then again, if Alus is actually "Malus" (Latin for "the evil one"), once again we may be dealing with IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Soon there will be half-destroyed cities in Ukraine as well.
We cannot apply ourselves to anything more specific concerning the pending trip to Iraq, until we know exactly where it will be and when.
I did believe that 2013 would be another "Triple Pope Year" like 1978. However, the characteristics this time around were of a year when the first pope, the reigning pope, rather than dying of natural causes, instead resigned. The second pope, Francis, was then elected, and continues to reign in 2014, rather than ending up like Pope John Paul I in September 2013. John Paul I, after only a reign of one month, was alleged to have been murdered by poison in September 1978.
However, despite the fact that Francis has lived beyond that vector and remains pope in 2014, the base 7 influence of 2013 (and thus 1978) will not end until the last day of December 2014. Thus, the predicted "Triple Pope Year" could still end up being the "Triple Pope Biennial." Pope Francis came to power during what might have become a great Schism in the Church. It is possible, as Nostradamus prophesied, that he may die at a time the Church actually does become schismatic. This may happen before the end of the year, in September or October. That also may be the time he chooses to visit Iraq ... unless events happening there choose the time for him. Then the third pope will be elected, a year late ... the one who will flee Rome when that which is called "the great star" is bright and die in exile during a military attack near Avignon. Afterwards, another pope will be elected from "ancient France" and live in exile for 25 months before returning to a Rome and Vatican in ruins from a great global war.
However, if it is not war-ravaged Iraq, the "land between two rivers," Pope Francis must be wary of, it may instead be a US city watered by two rivers:

The Schuylkill River, looking south toward the skyline of Philadelphia Delaware River in Philadelphia

On the afternoon of May 14, 2014, the following report was released to the news: Strongest Hints Yet From Pope Francis’ Emissary For Philadelphia Visit in 2015. The trip is scheduled to take place next year on September 22-27, 2015. If you read the translation of Quatrain 2.97 at the top of the page it mentions a "city that two rivers arrouse." This is another way of saying a confluential city, a city where a confluence of two major rivers occur. No pope in recent history has actually travelled to such a city ... at least not during a time of global war.
It is my unfortunate duty to report that PHILADELPHIA in the United States is a confluential city. Two major rivers twist and course through and around it: The Delaware River and The Schuylkill River.
Now quoting Wikipedia, "The Schuylkill joins the Delaware River, of which it is the largest tributary, at the site of the former Philadelphia Navy Yard, now the Philadelphia Naval Business Center, just northeast of Philadelphia International Airport."
Confluence of the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard From what I can gather, Pennsylvania has been struggling for some years with pollution in the Schuylkill River. You can see the Schuylkill at the bottom of the photo at left, merging with the waters of the Delaware River. It is the brownish-colored river, while the Delaware is the larger blue river expanding outwards to the top of the photo.The waters of both rivers can be seen forming a small bay harbor behind the former Philadelphia Navy Yard.
Finding a good photo of this confluence was not easy. I suspect there is some embarrassment on the part of Philadelphians concerning the pollution in the Schuylkill at this point and as a result not many recent aerial photos have been taken of the area.
Also the US military is somewhat shy about having too many pictures taken of what are potentially strategic military bases, such as this complex now known as the Philadelphia Naval Business Center.
Out of range in this photo, but not very far away at all is the Philadelphia International Airport where the jet carrying Pope Francis will touch down on September 22, 2015.
Just as Quatrain 2.97 did not apply to the recent papal visit to the Holy Land, although the Third Secret of Fatima certainly may, a visit by Pope Francis to Philadelphia would not likely reflect the prophecy found in the Third Secret, but just might prove to be overwhelmingly dangerous due to the warning in Quatrain 2.97 concerning the two rivers. Roses can bloom any time from late May up until and including the month of September, especially those used for the Fall flower shows. It covers a period of five months. Of course, because Nostradamus capitalized the word "rose" as Rose, this could be a secondary clue concerning the month of September, when the funeral of Princess Diana ("the Rose") was held in 1997. It potentially links her death, period of mourning, and funeral from August 31 to September 6, 1997 with that of the Pope's eighteen years later in late September and early October 2015.
In human affairs, especially those regarding murder plots, 18 years (2 x 9) is very significant. In the world of the occult, 18 years is known as "a working." It is by use of the working that TPTB plan major operations that will have global impact.
In addition, September 2015 is not far from an important base 7 anniversary. An attempted assassination and serious wounding of Pope John Paul II occurred on May 13, 1981. Thirty-five (5 x 7) years later that date will form a vector for May 2016. The papal visit to Philadelphia will only be eight months removed from this all-important assassination vector.
As Benedict XVI looks on in our background for the time being, we can thankfully say the election of Francis did not take place in the shadow of mourning the death of a pope as was the case in 2005. Pontiff emeritus Benedictus, though advanced in years, remains alive though frail in body on Vatican grounds and may yet enjoy more years of life ahead. Thus the election of his successor was truly a celebration and not the conclusion of a long papal funerary rite as is often the case.
Still, the world is a dark and evil place, much more so at this time than it was during the reigns of Saint John XXII and Saint John Paul II and his successor, Benedict XVI. For prophecy tells us the challenges to come ... and to come soon ... are dreadful ones indeed. And the new pope, Francis, and those who may follow, will be forced to contend with them, perhaps to the very death.
Many have noted with wonder the fact that Pope Francis is the first pontiff to be elected from Latin America ... from the nation of Argentina.
Nostradamus actually predicted that a pope from Latin America would be elected. But the wise sage also made another prediction in the same prophecy, and in so doing, supports my long-held belief that the greatest pope in Vatican history will come from France. This is what he says:
Pope Francis waves to the crowd Nostradamus, Quatrain 5.49 ~Nul de l'Espaigne mais de l'antique France
Ne sera esleu pour le tremblant nacelle,
A l'ennemi sera saicte fiance,
Qui dans son regne sera peste cruelle.

Not from Spain but from ancient France
Will be the one elected for the trembling ship,
To the enemy will be made a trust,
In whose reign will be a cruel plague.

When Nostradamus mentions a "trembling ship" in his quatrains and its pope, he is referring to a time when the Church is in danger of breaking up (schism) or being terribly troubled and its very existence threatened by world events. According to the French prophet, when this state of affairs reaches its most critical point, the Pope from Spain (or Latin America) will no longer be in power and a French pope shall be elected. This time of trouble may be happening quite soon as it seems clear that "the enemy" is either the Islamic State and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or else ... Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. There has been talk that the West may end up backing Assad against the IS. Thus, the West may choose what they consider to be the lesser of two evils. Then again, the enemy to which a promise is made may be Russia and Vladimir Putin, who is much more capable of directly harming Europe and Rome than either al-Baghdadi or al-Assad. Or the enemy may be Iran, the nation now in the process of leading the Shi'a resistance against the Sunni-backed, Sharia-run caliphate known as the Islamic State. The prophet Daniel warns that Persia (Iran) will eventually declare war on Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans. Why remains a mystery at this time.
As for the cruel plague, it will seep into Europe and America from Africa: the dreaded epidemic known as ebola which the World Health Organization is currently warning may soon infect 20,000 people ... and grow more deadly than ever. It is a horrible disease, one to be feared, and its effects on the body are most cruel indeed.
The implications of the last two lines are that there is little time left to the pope from the Spanish American nation of Argentina.
However, the birth name of the Pope, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, gives additional information. I stated on this page that the next pope after Benedict would most likely be the one Nostradamus called "The Sabine" in the following quatrain (and thus an Italian):
Pope Francis waves to the crowd Nostradamus, Quatrain 5.46 ~Par chapeaux rouges querelles & nouveaux schismes,
Quand on aura esleu le Sabinois:
On produira contre lui grans sophismes,
Et sera Rome lesse par Albanois.

By red hats & quarrels, new schisms
When the Sabine will have been elected:
They will produce great sophism against him,
And Rome will be injured by Alba
(Scotland or Alba near Piedmont in NW Italy).

Although born a native of Argentina, the father of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was an Italian immigrant. Thus, Bergoglio is an Italian by birth. Also, choosing the name of Francis, shared by one of Italy's greatest patron saints (St. Francis of Assisi) strongly ties the new pope to Italy in a way no preceding Italian pope has ever aspired to do.
St. Francis was also, and perhaps even more powerfully, linked to that province of Rome settled by the ancient Sabines: the province of Sabina and the beautiful Sabine Hills.
Sabina, the region in the Sabine Hills of Latium named for the Sabines, is the ancient territory that today is still identified mainly with the North-Eastern Province of Rome and the Province of Rieti, Lazio.
St Francis prays, the Sabine Hills in background Sabine Hills
Via Franchigena
This is the path taken by St. Francis when he walked from Assisi to Rome to petition the Pope. Unlike most of the public footpaths in Italy, it is well-marked and the final section cuts right through the Sabine Hills.
The Franciscan Sanctuaries
St Francis of Assisi Franciscan monastariesSt. Francis of Assisi was attracted by the Sabina region above all other parts of Italy.
The Sabine hills saw the first Franciscan preaching and the religious prayer that Francis addressed to God from the wildest and most inaccessible natural surroundings.
Following in the footsteps of St. Francis through the “Valle Santa” (Sacred Valley), visitors will be amazed by nature and mysticism. The area still preserves four sanctuaries which are a widespread evidence of the presence of the Saint during the early part of his life. Francis, during his long stay in Sabina left important traces which legend has tended to amplify.
By identifying himself with St. Francis of Assisi, the new pope has also linked his identitiy to the Sabine pope of Nostradamus' Quatrain 5.46. He is the Sabine.
When I saw the mild, benevolent expression on the bespectacled face of Francis, I immediately recalled another pope who looked much like him: the ill-fated Pope John Paul I, who died mysteriously 33 days after being installed, officially of natural causes. However, it has been alleged by many that he had actually been murdered by poison. John Paul I was the last pope to inaugurate a name never before used (John Paul); now Pope Francis has followed suit.
Fourteen months is better than 33 days, but it is still a short time in terms of a modern papal reign. Quatrain 5.46 indicates that Pope Francis will be greatly harmed by both false accusations concerning his person and ministry and also due to a Great Schism. It is not certain at this time whether it is he or a succeeding pope who will have to flee from Rome, reigning in exile for 25 months before returning to a Rome and Vatican in ruins from a coming great global war.
Seeing the spectre of Pope John Paul I in the face of Pope Francis is not at all reassuring. Like Francis, John Paul I too presented as a humble shepherd and, as Nostradamus warned, died through "too much goodness."
Why might there be a "schism" in the Vatican and the Catholic Church?
We saw the beginnings of a possible schism immediately prior to, during, and briefly following the election of Pope Francis. To anyone paying attention, the Church at that time was rocked by sex scandals and was not far from plunging into a schism. In connection with the threat of a new schism, one of Nostradamus' use of the word Albanois is Alba, the old name for the country of Scotland, which in February 2013 suddenly became quite relevant.
The headlines said it all: Vatican Rocked by Resignation of Scottish Archbishop; Britain's Top Catholic Cleric Quits Amid Unfolding Sex Scandal!

Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland resigns amidst scandalAllvoices | Edinburgh : United Kingdom | Feb 25, 2013 at 1:17 PM PST
With Pope Benedict XVI ready to step down as the leader of the Catholic Church on Thursday, February 28, the first pope to do so in nearly 600 years, scandal has hit his resignation and the selection of a new pope, as today, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, head of the Scottish Catholic Church, announced his own resignation amidst allegations that go back three decades.
Scheduled to make his way to Rome for the papal conclave that would elect the new pope sometime before Easter, Cardinal O’Brien had come under fire for allegations of “inappropriate behavior” towards priests, stemming back to the 1980s, with calls for him not to take part in the vote that would elect the new pope. And with the announcement of the Cardinal’s resignation, which would take immediate effect, this has come to pass, as he will not take part in the conclave, leaving the Scottish Catholic Church and indeed Britain without representation at the papal vote.
Cardinal Keith O'Brien
In a statement released by Cardinal O’Brien, the Cardinal said that he had already submitted his resignation to the Pope as archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, to come into effect next month, when the Cardinal turns 75; however, the Pope ordered that the Cardinal’s resignation take immediate effect.
Cardinal O’Brien asked forgiveness of those he had offended, saying, "I have valued the opportunity of serving the people of Scotland and overseas in various ways since becoming a priest. Looking back over my years of ministry: For any good I have been able to do, I thank God. For any failures, I apologise to all whom I have offended. I do not wish media attention in Rome to be focused on me - but rather on Pope Benedict XVI and on his successor.”

So how badly was the Vatican injured? The keyword is injured. I would say without the inclusion of Britain in the March 2013 enclave to elect the current pope, it was very injurious indeed.
Now, once again, there are signs that the sexual misconduct controversy may be returning to pave the way for a "great Schism."
The other meaning of Albanois is the town of Alba in Piedmont, located in northwestern Italy. It may be from here that an antipope will launch a viscious slander against Pope Francis and begin an actual splitting in the Church.
Concluding Quatrain 5.46, what "great sophistry" might be aimed against the new pope?
We cannot possibly imagine how important the prophecies of Malachy may be to some of those who have elected Pope Francis.
It is clear some faction wished to make it appear that then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger would be associated with Gloria Olivae ... even down to the detail of having him take the name of Benedict (after the Benedictine order). When a dove, the symbol of peace associated with the olive branch, recently perched on a window sill near the former pope and then was attacked in full view of thousands by a seagull, this hit home the failure of Gloria Olivae to bring about world peace or even a regional peace to the Middle East. Indeed, if ever there was a protracted period of time since the Second World War when events could easily fall into place to create a third more terrible global conflict, the time is now.
Someone knew that the year 2013 would be an extremely dangerous one for a pope ... Benedict or any other pope.
Thus, Pope Benedict elected to "die" via rassegnazione, probably with some degree of urging.
Further down on this page I have set forth an exhaustive amount of evidence that there are those in the Vatican who have allowed nine antipopes to long ago be attributed with mottos listed by Malachy intended exclusively for future popes ... and not antipopes. I also discuss how Benedict XVI was actually "Lumen in Cælo" (and provide examples of the natural phenonema that support this claim).
Because Cardinal Bergoglio is of Italian descent and has identified himself with Italy's Patron saint, Francis of Assisi, it is possible there will be those who will say he is Malachy's final pope Petrus Romanus ('Peter of Rome'). I say no. But it is clear some sort of Vatican spin is making it appear that Francis is the last and final pope on Malachy's list.

Pope Francis visits St. Peter's tomb under VaticanAP/ April 1, 2013, 4:01 PM
VATICAN CITY Pope Francis on Monday took an emotional, close-up look at the tomb of Peter, the church's first pontiff, buried beneath St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican said.
By doing so, Francis became the first pontiff to visit the necropolis, where pagans and early Christians were buried, since extensive archaeological excavations were conducted at the ancient site decades ago, the Vatican said.
The 45-minute "visit of devotion to the tomb of St. Peter" was private, the Vatican said, but it later released a video of it.
The basilica was built over the location where early Christians would gather in secret, at a time of persecution in ancient Rome, to pray at an unmarked tomb believed to be that of Peter, the apostle Jesus chose to lead his church.
The Vatican first said Francis would pray at Peter's tomb, but later said he prayed instead in the basilica.
Pope Francis kneels in prayer in front of St. Peter's tombPope Francis visits the necropolis
The new pope `'paused in silent prayer, in profound and emotional meditation" in the Clementine Chapel in the vast basilica that is `'the closest place (in the basilica) to the tomb of the Prince of the Apostles," it said.During a tour of the necropolis conducted by its director and an Italian cardinal, the pope "climbed up a bit, got closer to the place where the tomb of St. Peter lies, exactly under the central altar and the dome of the basilica," the Vatican said.
Francis walked down the entire main street of the ancient city of the dead, the statement said.
The streets of the necropolis are similar to those of ancient Rome, only they are flanked by tombs instead of shops and apartments.
The Vatican said Francis walked to the necropolis entrance from the hotel on the Vatican grounds where he lives, took the tour and later — after paying homage at the tombs of several popes in another underground level known as the grottoes, including Pius XII, Paul XVI and John Paul I — strolled back to his residence.
St. Peter's mission was to continue to preach the message of Jesus and reach more souls.
Francis, as a Jesuit, is steeped in the evangelizing mission of the church, and the necropolis tour brings him back to the origins of the church in its simplest years as a community of Christians professing their faith in defiance of the crackdown by Roman emperors.
Peter himself was among the Christian martyrs during Nero's reign. He is believed to have been crucified, head down, on the Vatican hill.
Constantine, the first Christian emperor, had an early basilica built on the slopes of the Vatican Hill, burying the pagan and Christian cemetery — necropolis means `city of the dead' — that surrounded Peter's burial site.
The current basilica, named after St. Peter, was constructed over the earlier basilica that was deemed unsafe and demolished in the late 15th century.
The Baroque master architect Bernini designed the bronze canopy over the central altar over the spot of Peter's burial site. The current basilica was planned as an awe-inspiring monument that would project the image of a powerful church.
Under popes of the last century, extensive excavations were carried out of the sprawling necropolis. In 1965, archaeologists said they had found the bones of Peter in an area near an ancient Greek inscription saying `'Peter is here."

Being associated with the Vatican's most apocalyptic papal figure would leave the new pope vulnerable to false accusations and debates from both within and outside the Church. Nothing he does will seem right, especially if a world war breaks out, for it will be falsely believed that he is the Pope who will help usher in the end of the world. For some he will become a source of fear rather than of love and admiration (as he currently is now). He will also become the perfect target of assassination for those in the world today who hold great hatred towards Christendom and have only contempt for The Gospels of Jesus and The Book of Revelation!
READ! Report: Pope Francis Is ‘In The Crosshairs Of ISIS’ - August 29, 2014.
Ironically, even as Ignes Ardens, his true Malachy motto (if there are any true Malachy mottos), it will be difficult for him to distance himself from such an association should there be the hellfire of a war that possibly becomes nuclear or a fire from heaven in the form of an asteroid impact accompanied by a hail of meteors. As the shadows of war spread outwards from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, China, and North Korea, the world is being prepared for a truly horrific global war which could quickly turn nuclear.
As for an asteroid impact: one may occur at any time. Already, On February 15, 2013, five months prior to the 105th anniversary of The Tunguska Event, we witnessed a huge meteorite exploding over Chelyabinsk, Russia (which we may well call 'The Chelyabinsk Event'). Perhaps an even larger asteroid, like the one believed to have impacted Siberia in 1908, is yet to strike the earth, along with many smaller meteorites. This could well become a reality by 2016 when thousands of fragments of a comet may strike the earth.
Also, judging from keywords I have discovered used to search this page, there are those who even believe the next pope will be "the false prophet" from the Book of Revelation. That would be quite a sophistry indeed if taken seriously!
A lot has already happened since February 11, 2013, and even more can happen yet.
How long may Pope Francis reign if he is the schismatic pope? No one knows for certain, but if his death is linked with a coming schism in the Church, it may well be soon.
Nostradamus continues his prophecy of the Sabine pope:
People watch the new pope's introduction Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.93 ~Sept mois sans plus obtiendra prelature,
par son deces grand schisme sera naistre:
Sept mois tiendra un autre la preture,
pres de Venise paix union renaistre.

Seven months without further prelature obtained,
Through his death a great schism will arise:
For seven months another acts as prelate,
Near Venice, peace and union are reborn.

According to Nostradamus, a pope, if not Pope Francis himself, will die during "the mother of all Schisms." As a result, there will either be NO POPE at all or else an antipope will reign for seven months. Why? Because there will be chaos in the Catholic Church!
It may well be there will be a series of unsuccessful attempts at new papal elections, all doomed to failure. However, either at the start of a seven-month schism or else following seven months of schism and discord, it will be decided that one will "act as prelate." What is unclear is whether the schism lasts 7 months with an antipope reigning or else 7 months without a pope and then 7 months more with an antipope (for a total of 14 months).
It may be that Benedict pontiff emeritus will be called out of retirement to act as pope. Again, using the word "act" suggests an antipope or, in the case of Benedict, a former living pope invested with the same authority he enjoyed as supreme pontiff. But if this does occur, he will technically be an antipope. Of course the antipope may well be the one who aimed great sophistry against Francis ... a cardinal from Alba, a town near Piedmont in northwestern Italy.
After the reign of the antipope will come a new election and a new pope. To this person may be attributed the motto Religio depopulata ("Religion Depopulated" or "Religion Laid Waste") ... indicating either a great loss of human life worldwide from various causes and/or mass execution and sacrificing of Christians.
This may or may not be the Pope who flees the Vatican at the time of the "great star" prophesied by Nostradamus. If not, then that fate will fall to the next pope: Fides intrepida ("Intrepid Faith"). However we cannot rule out the possibility that both Religio depopulata and Fides intrepida will be killed, one assassinated, the other a casualty of war.
Either Religio depopulata or Fides intrepida will flee Rome for Avignon, France, take up residence in the old papal castles of Avignon, France, where popes reigned in exile during the 14th century, and will die during an Islamic invasion of southern France after the fall of Marseilles.
Personally, I think the following quatrain is about this future pope who will witness the great star/two suns phenomenon on the night that he is forced to flee the Vatican:
'The Great star' hovers over Vatican City

Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.41 ~

La grande etoile par sept jours bruslera,
Nuée fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros matin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The great mastiff will howl all night,
When the great pontiff will change country.

Catholic prophecy abounds with warnings of a "great comet" or "great star." I will not print them all here, for this page addresses specific warnings to the current pope or his immediate sucessor(s), but here are a few notable ones:

Rigord of St. Denis ~
The Vatican ObservatoryA comet will be seen in heaven -- a star, that is, with a tail or appendage -- and this apparition will signify destructions and tumults and hard strifes, and withholding of rains, and dryness of the earth, and mighty battles, and the flowing of blood upon the earth of the east, and from beyond the River Habor it will reach to the very end of the west. And the just and the truly righteous will be oppressed and will suffer persecutions, and the house of prayer will be destroyed.

Johann Friede ~
Of mankind there will be more dead than there have been casualties in all wars. In the abodes of the children of light, the Book of Revelations will be read, and in the palaces of the Church they will await the arrival of the great comet.

Hildegard of Bingen ~
"When the comet shall run" - NostradamusBefore the Comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scoured with want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent by an earthquake, storm and tidal waves will be devastated. It will be divided, and in great part submerged. That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea, and lose its colonies in the east through a Tiger and a Lion. The Comet by its tremendous pressure, will force much out of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues. All sea coast cities will be fearful and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease. For in none of these cities does a person live according to the laws of God.

We will find scarcely any European prophets who do not agree with Nostradamus concerning the flight of a future pope -- those who bother to relate an entire view of the great global war to come anyway. It should be noted that this flight from Rome always occurs during the height of World War III -- just prior to the "three days of darkness" and the great horrors that follow.

Comet Elenin?Revelation 8:10-11 ~
The third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Prophets like Alois Irlmaier and Erna Stieglitz agree that a pope will flee Italy when World War III comes to Europe. There is also an ancient prophecy that describes what may be the slowing of the earth's rotation, something that researchers abscribe to the gravitational force exerted upon the earth by an object like a brown dwarf star, something that "Planet X" is purported to be. Liber Vaticinationem Quodam Instinctumentis describes the sun "halting" in the heavens and terrible hot winds that will blow:
Norma 63:7
For the third (world war), the earth shakes,
The throat of the Gaul (France) is ravaged.
Many die fleeing from the awful winds,
The sun halts in its path in the heavens.
Many die fleeing from the awful winds
It is then said that the norma will die "when the wolf (Germany) is hacked to bits."
The fiery invasion of southern France is echoed in this ancient document authored by an unknown clergyman in AD 346. It presages three world wars that will directly involve Germany, the first two as an aggressor and the last as a defender of "the Empire" against the invaders from the East.
According to John of Vitiguerro (13th Century) after this exiled pope's death, there will be no pope at all for 25 months, after which a French pope is elected:

The pope will change his residence and the Church will not be defended for twenty-five months or more because, during all that time there will be no Pope in Rome... After many tribulations, a Pope shall be elected out of those who survived the persecutions.

This would delay the "great Pontiff" coming to power until at least December 2017 or September 2018. His motto would be Pastor Angelicus ("Angelic shepherd"). Only then will "peace and union" truly be "reborn."



The Papal Prophecies of St. Malachy
MalachyWe are almost certainly obliged to address another prophetic issue I am sure is on the minds of everyone. And, once again, Nostradamus may have clarified some of the muddled controversies presented here.
Well over 17 months have passed since the white smoke appeared and a new pope was introduced to the world, replacing an uncertain winter season with a season of renewal and hope. That season has since withered away and has been replaced by a summer, winter, spring, and yet another summer of uncertainty and dread.
We must, unfortunately, respect the dark days ahead that may be in store for the entire planet. Pope Benedict XVI's olive branch of peace and reconciliation proved to be ineffective against the dangerous stratagems of evil men, of psychopaths, and of lovers of war, and of a vast subculture dedicated to death rather than life.
Thus a new pope has come, one who needs as much support and aid as possible to achieve his mission. For this is also a man who has been placed in terrible danger by a convergence of prophecies and, perhaps unwittingly, by the very Church he serves.
Unfortunately, four controversies become apparent due to an apparent clash between the prophecies of Malachy and those of the learned scholar, doctor, astronomer, and prophet Michel de Notredame ... Nostradamus.

Controversy 1
The first, perhaps, is no longer much of a controversy at all.
There are too many popes -- at least seven of them -- prophesied for the future by Nostradamus. That is far too many to be fulfilled by Pope Francis, whom we are supposed to conclude is none other than the final pope on Malachy's list known as Petrus Romanus ("Peter the Roman").
However, I have learned it has apparently become the Vatican's official position that there may be an indeterminate time (and presumably a number of popes) between "Glory of the Olive" (if that was indeed Benedict XVI) and "Peter the Roman", whom they agree is the last pope.
Indeed, Nostradamus does not foresee the fall of the last Pope happening until the final Antichrist comes to power in 2242 AD.
This is what he has to say about this final pope ("grand Vicaire de la Cappe"):

Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.25 ~Perdu trouvé, caché de si long siecle,
Sera Pasteur demi Dieu honoré:
Ains que la lune acheve son grand siecle,
Par austres vents sera deshonoré.

The lost thing is discovered, hidden many centuries,
The Pastor will be honoured as a demi-God:
This is when the moon achieves her great cycle,
By other winds (rumours) he shall be dishonoured.

Illustration of Demi-God Pope by 14th century artist Anito Efesio   Nostradamus, Epistle to Henry II ~The third Northern king, hearing the complaint of the people of his principal title, shall raise up so great an army, and defying the tradition of his predecessors, shall restore almost everything back into his estate. The great Vicar of the Cape shall be restored to his original estate, but desolate and then by all abandoned, shall return to find the Holy sanctuary [Rome] destroyed by Paganism, and the Old and New Testament will be thrust out and burnt. After that shall the Antichrist be the infernal prince. Again for the last time all the Kingdoms of Christianity shall tremble, even those of the infidels, for a space of 25 years ...

The Moon completes its current 354-year cycle in 2242 AD under the aegis of the Sun ("cycle of the sun"). In 2243, the Moon begins yet another cycle under the aegis of Saturn. The final Antichrist then is likely the beast of Revelation 13 whose reign culminates with the war of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ in either 2245-46 AD (at the conclusion of a 42-month reign), 2249 AD (at the conclusion of a 7-year reign), or else 2267 AD (at the end of a reign and a war together lasting 25 years).
Thus, we can see there is an extremely long period of time spanning the pontificates of Gloria Olivae (if that was indeed Benedict XVI) and Petrus Romanus, some 230 years, if it is true many future popes between the two were not listed as the Vatican claims.

Controversy 2
This controversy should begin with the phrase assuming Benedict XVI was really Gloria Olivae ...
As it turns out, because Benedict did not die but instead retired, it is possible that the prophesied office of Gloria Olivae did not likewise go into retirement, but was passed on along!
If so, Pope Francis would not actually be Petrus Romanus (Peter of Rome) but a continuation of Gloria Olivae ... Gloria Olivae II. This could explain why the Vatican has said that between Gloria Olivae and Petrus Romanus may be an indeterminate number of popes! Francis has likewise indicated that he might consider retiring within the next three years. Retirement could prolong indefinitely a series of popes, some being pulled out of retirement temporarily as needed if another retires due to poor health. In the event of a great schism, there could be enough retired popes to function as an emergency pope and one or more antipopes.
Abbot Joachim Merlin prophesied the coming of three angelic pastors who would succeed a great French pontiff. Two of these three could well be in retirement, functioning as "support pontiffs" or "backup popes" to the one reigning pope.
Thus, the office of pope may now be in the process of undergoing a transformation, transitioning into a completely different kind of office.

Controversy 3
The Hidden Pope
Malachy saw fit to give the final pope on his list, Petrus Romanus, an entire sentence of description rather than only a motto. There is, in fact, a possible hidden pope in this prophecy:In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.
It is assumed that the "dreadful Judge" is none other than God. Yet according to many other prophecies, Rome will be destroyed and a pope elected in exile, a French pope, will return to rebuild Rome's papal palaces and residences.
Often called "the great Pontiff" he will assist another French figure known as the "great Monarch" after the end of World War III to restore peace, order, and law.
Destruction of Rome
Nostradamus says of this pope:

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.28 ~
The great Celt will enter into Rome
With a great mass of exiles and banished:
The great pastor will put to death every man
Who was united over the Alps against the cock.

So, clearly it can be seen that a "great pastor" will return to Rome in the post-war period and will indeed become a "dreadful judge" ... as he will have the power of life and death over the enemies of Christendom.

Controversy 4
This controversy suggests that there are nine popes predicted by Nostradamus who have yet to reign:
In order for Francis to be the 112th and final pope, Malachy would have had to count all of the antipopes as well. Here are the antipopes the Vatican applied Malachy's legends to:
They are:
Victor IV (1159-1164)
Paschal III (1164-1168)
Callistus III (1168-1178)
Nicholas V (1328-1330)
Clement VII (1378-1394)
Benedict XIII (1394-1423)
Alexander V (1409-1410)
John XXIII (1410-1415)
Felix V (1440-1449)
That is 9 antipopes.
Antipope Nicholas V
Three of these reigned at the same time. One of the three, Innocent III (1179-1180), is listed by the Vatican, but no Malachy motto was attached to him. Another, who is called a counter anti-pope, Benedict XIV (1425-1430), is also listed by the Vatican but not given a Malachy description. Thus, 9 out of 11 antipopes were given mottoes as though they were actual popes.
Did Malachy really foresee the future of these antipopes and regard them as legitimate heirs of St Peter and apply mottos to each of them? I doubt it. He was predicting an orderly line of legitimate papal succession. Half of these antipopes actually confused the line of succession and, of course, were not legitimate heirs of the Holy See.

Malachy prophesied 112 POPES to follow Celestine II -- NOT 103 POPES and 9 OUT OF 11 ANTIPOPES!

If we are to take Malachy seriously, therefore, we are currently on pope number 103, not pope 112.

If this is true then Pope Benedict XVI was really Lumen in cælo ("Light in the Heavens"). Indeed, only 20 months after becoming pope, the brightest comet since Comet Ikeya-Seki in 1965 appeared in the northern and southern hemispheres in January 2007. Comet McNaught was so bright it could even be seen overhead in a clear blue sky during the day. The mysterious and ghostly Comet Holmes followed in October 2007 in the constellation Perseus.
Then, only hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, lightning struck the top of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. Four days later, people were greeted by the blinding flash of a large meteorite exploding over Chelyabinsk, Russia.
Lumen in cælo is to be followed by the apocalyptic-sounding Ignis ardens ("Burning Fire") ... which can mean anything from a nuclear war to fiery meteors plunging to earth from the skies.
Ignis ardens would then be the true motto for the current pontiff of Rome, Pope Francis. With World War III seemingly only months or days away, we may find the motto will be most applicable.
After Ignis ardens, more ominously comes Religio depopulata ("Religion Depopulated" or "Religion Laid Waste") ... indicating either a great loss of human life worldwide from various causes and/or mass execution and sacrificing of Christians, not unlike what occurred during the reign of Nero, the French Revolution, or the Nazi genocide of Jews during the Second World War.
After this would come Fides intrepida (Intrepid Faith) who apparently will also come to an early and dreadful end. After a period of 25 months with no pope at all he is followed by the "great Pontiff" of so many prophecies, Pastor angelicus (Angelic Shepherd), who will reign alongside the future "great Monarch" who will bring an end to World War III:

Ancient Irish (author unknown) ~
The close of the war finds a Celt in the Chair of Peter. He is the most perfect of all the popes; chosen miraculously amidst chaos. An angel in human form, he shall be called "Papa Angelorum." This Celt is not an Irish Celt but one born in Galicia, and the only Celt to occupy Peter's throne. He shall, like Peter of old, take his staff and his scrip, and with a few companions start out to reconcile the nations.
Busto ~
The angelic Pope shall place an imperial crown on his head.
Abbot Joachim Merlin ~
He will be the joy of God's elect. This angelic pope will preach the gospel in every country. Through his zeal and solicitude the Greek Church shall be forever reunited to the Catholic Church ... This holy Pope shall be both pastor and reformer. Through him the East and West shall be in everlasting concord. The city of Babylon shall then be the head and guide of the world. Rome, weakened in temporal power, shall forever preserve her spiritual dominion, and shall enjoy great peace. During these happy days the Angelic Pope shall be able to address to Heaven prayers full of sweetness. The dispersed nation shall also enjoy tranquillity. Six and a half years after this time the Pope will render his soul to God. The end of his days shall arrive in an arid province, situated between a river and a lake near the mountains ...
His three immediate successors shall be men of exemplary holiness. One after the other will be models of virtue, and shall work miracles, confirming the teaching of their predecessors. Under their government the Church shall spread, and these Popes shall be called the Angelic Pastors.
Capuchin Friar (1776)
By the Catholic clergy and people the true and lawful Pope will be elected, who shall be a man of great holiness and goodness of life ... A scion of the Carlovingian race, by all considered extinct, will come to Rome to behold and admire the clemency of this Pontiff, who will crown him, and declare him to be the legitimate Emperor of the Romans, and from the Chair of St. Peter, the Pope will lift up the standard, the crucifix, and will give it to the new emperor. This new emperor, with the robust Italian and French people, and with those of other nations, will form a most Powerful host, called the Church Army, through which he shall destroy the Ottoman Empire, all heresies, and shall also totally defeat the Emperor of the North, who is called Mystic Antichrist. The above mentioned new emperor, with the assistance of God and of the Pope, will cooperate to the reformation of abuses; will assume the management of the temporal government; will assign a decent pension to the Supreme Pontiff, and also the bishops and clergy: and they all, being detached from earthly covetousness, will live in peace, which shall last till the end of time.

The three future "angelic popes" who shall follow Pastor angelicus will be Pastor et Nauta ("Pastor and Mariner"), Flos florum ("Flower of Flowers"), and De medietate Lunæ ("of the Half Moon") ... applied erroneously to John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul I.
If true, the late pope, Saint John Paul II, was not De labore Solis ("Labour of the Sun") but actually Crux de Cruce ("Cross of Crosses") ... which would make Saint John Paul II the "Pope of Popes" and one of the greatest popes in all of papal history.
Therefore the bizarre legend De balneis hetruriae ("the Bath of Etruria"), mistakenly applied to Pope Gregory XVI, would be applied to Pope John Paul I, whose pontificate lasted only 33 days. So short and unexpected a reign was his that the motto was likely never fulfilled.
Many believe John Paul I was murdered. Long after Malachy listed the legend De medietate Lunae ("of the Half Moon") which was applied by the Vatican to John Paul I, an unknown Vatican scholar updated the description by adding the cryptic line "and future victim." Another example of forcing a prophecy by adding a brief descriptive phrase. Even so, could it be that if he had lived a longer life and reigned a longer reign, that John Paul I (as De balneis hetruriae) would have been murdered in a bath in Tuscany (similar to how Jean-Paul Marat was assassinated by Charlotte Corday)?
In any event, if Benedict XVI was "Light in the Heaven" and Francis is "Burning Fire," that means there are 9 more popes remaining after the reign of Francis.
That is consistent with what I find in Nostradamus' prophecies. I can easily find nine (9) popes who have yet to reign. I have written an article about each of them on Nostradamus NOW Archives 1.

Now that the potential folly of strictly adhering to Malachy's prophecies has been revealed, we can focus again on Quatrain 2.97 (The Rose Prophecy) and the Third Secret of Fatima.

Similarities, Differences Between Quatrain 2.97 and the Third Secret of Fatima
Obviously, Pope Francis, or any successor, must avoid extensive traveling to cities that match the profile provided by Nostradamus or the Blessed Virgin in the Third Secret of Fatima. Not only will the Pope be assassinated but so too will all clergy people accompanying him ("you and yours").
This shared assassination of the pope and his clergy people ("you and yours") is what Quatrain 2.97 and the Third Secret of Fatima have in common. Another thing they both have in common is that neither prophecy has yet been fulfilled.
However, there are striking differences (or at least striking omissions).
Nostradamus never mentions that the city is half-destroyed. He never says anything about a pope climbing a holy mountain in Quatrain 2.97 ... or in any other quatrain. The Fatima vision, likewise, makes no mention of the city being watered by two rivers nor does it make reference in any fashion to a rose.
Thus, it is entirely possible that Francis could be the pope of Quatrain 2.97 and his successor could be the "Bishop In White" who appears in the Third Secret of Fatima. Either that or else one man, Francis or a successor, may be the pope found in both prophecies.
Because Nostradamus forsees a number of popes to follow Francis, rather than Francis being the final pope named "Peter of Rome" listed by Malachy, it is even possible that Quatrain 2.97 and the Fatima prophecy are about two successors of Francis and that Francis will die a natural death like John Paul II or even retire like Benedict XVI did. Francis has already discussed his possible retirement within the next three years with the news media.
It is impossible to be entirely certain.

What is the meaning of the Rose?

As discussed above, "the Rose" may simply be a seasonal dating clue, indicating late spring or possibly summer (or more specifically late May/early June) as the time the Pope will be in danger of succumbing to the prophecy.
Then again, "the Rose" appears in several other Nostradamus quatrains and is used in a far more mysterious manner, as with Quatrain 5.96: "The rose above the middle of the great world."
Thus, it could signify something of a mystical nature ... or an actual person: the late Princess Diana.
One thing has come to my attention: the Rose may function as a key that helps us connect some very important dots. After we review the possible meanings of the Rose, we shall discuss two other quatrains linked together by the rose symbol ... for one of the three rose prophecies actually appears to tell us WHERE the city "watered by two rivers" may be located.

England's Rose. I have long established a possible connection between the Pope and the late Princess of Wales because of the "rose" clue in the final line of Quatrain 2.97.
There is a seperate prophecy by Nostradamus that suggests a time will come when an apparition of Diana will be seen by millions of people at her island grave at Althorp. This may begin a time when what Nostradamus calls "the Temple of Diana" will become a new religion or Diana will be made an Anglican saint. It may well be that when this apparition appears, or the new church or sect begins attracting followers, that will be the time the Pope is assassinated.
Click here for a three-section presentation on the relationship of "the rose" to Princess Diana and Pope Benedict XVI; to Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Diana's look-alike, and to Diana's replacement, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, newly-wedded to her eldest and favourite son, Prince William; and what prophecy says about the tragic death of "The Rose" in a Paris tunnel.
In November 1999, a critical dream vision emailed to me by Conor concerning three stages in the relationship between a pope and a young woman who is only a ghostly spirit in the final stage, has suggested what may well be a psychic connection between Diana and John Paul II, Diana and Benedict XVI, and possibly Diana and Francis -- one that I believe may establish Paris or Avignon as the city of this pope's doom rather than a city in Iraq or America. To view this vision open a Dream Window.

The Mystical Rose. The lady who is associated with "the Rose" and who appears in Conor's dream may instead be the Virgin Mary. If the day of the Rosa Mystica is taken literally, the Pope or his successor may be assassinated on the specific dates of July 13, 2016 or July 13, 2018. Click here to learn more of the Rosa Mystica and its possible relationship to Quatrain 2.97.

Rosicrucian Rose with gold crossThe Rosy Cross. The emblem of the Rosicrucian Order, also known as The Order of the Rose and the Cross. Founded in the 15th Century, its mystical rites influenced the Freemasonic societies. However, it is claimed that its true beginning was in 46 AD as a gnostic Christian sect that also embraced Hermeticism (ancient Egyptian mystery beliefs). Today's Rosicrucian orders, and there are many, are either Christian or they are far afield from Christianity (the Golden Dawn, for example) and exalt the magical arts.
It is strongly believed by many that Nostradamus was secretly a Christian Rosicrucian as a number of letters from him to his clients infer an association by the prophet, not to Catholicism, but to Lutheranism. That, combined with heremetic symbology and rites found in a number of his verses indicates this was likely so.
The French seer was among an obscure group in the 16th Century that preserved the secret wisdom of the ancients as well as the original tenets of Christianity ... which included the concept of reincarnation.
Christian Gnostics believed that if spiritual resurrection was not attained in one lifetime, then the soul would be subjected to as many reincarnations as neccessary until spiritual rebirth is attained. In The Apocalypse of Paul, the apostle Paul describes witnessing the soul of a deceased person in a place called the "the fourth heaven" being reincarnated by angelic beings. The apostle Mark relates accounts of secret rites and indoctrinations into the mysteries of the Kingdom of God by Jesus and of people other than Lazurus who were brought back from the dead. All of these writings were removed from what would be considered for the next 1700 years as The Holy Bible and consigned to Old Testament Apocrypha and New Testament Apocrypha. However, it is alleged that the Church fathers did not destroy these writings but held them in secret or hid them until such time the world would be ready for their release. Some of these writings have yet to be found. Others remain guarded by secret religious orders or even by the Catholic Church itself.
Rose of RialpOpus dei emblemThe Gilded Rose (aka The Rose of Rialp). A sign given by God to Fr Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, an order operating within today's Catholic Church. The Opus Dei emblem is a cross in the circle of the world above a rose which symbolises Opus Dei women.
Fact and fiction are blurred, but the order founded in 1928 may be a revived secret sect that kept concealed over the centuries the now badly-guarded "secret" that Jesus may have been married to Mary Magdalene and had children and kept hidden the descendants of this Merovingian bloodline.
Controversies about Opus Dei have centered around criticisms of its alleged secretiveness, its recruiting methods, the alleged strict rules governing members, the practice by celibate members of mortification of the flesh, its alleged elitism and misogyny, the alleged right-leaning politics of most of its members, and the alleged participation by some in authoritarian or extreme right-wing governments, especially the Francoist Government of Spain until 1978. Within the Catholic Church, Opus Dei is also criticized for allegedly seeking independence and more influence. (Source: Wikipedia).
Pop icon Madonna is reportedly fascinated by this "church within the Church" and may be seeking membership, even as her Kabbalah organisation falls to legal actions and investigations. Could it mean that Opus Dei will be merged with Kabbalah by Madonna to somehow create a "world religion" around the same time the Pope is assassinated? Or will the Hermetic mysteries, symbolised by the Rose, be made knowledge to the world by today's Rosicrucian orders and Freemason societies?

Where is the city between two rivers located?

Unfortunately, we can only speculate about this city. There are a number of cities "watered by two rivers."
Two nations where two large rivers are an important feature that spring immediately to mind are Iraq and France. There is no question that the clairvoyant saw many important future events taking place in Mesopotamia -- a region he was quite concerned about and predicted would be a major battleground in a future war. Although both Syria and Iraq make up this part of the world, he is more specific when he identifies the Mesopotamian nation as being "a land between two rivers" (obviously the Tigris and Euphrates).
Unfortunately, there is no modern Iraqi city that is watered by two rivers or the Tigris and Euphrates. There is a small town named Qurna where the two rivers meet and form the Shatt al-Arab. According to legend, this is the site of the Garden of Eden. But far from being a city, it is barely more than a village and was partially destroyed during the US invasion of 2003. If it were a city, and not a town, it would probably qualify as the city half-destroyed in the Third Secret of Fatima. Not far away is the city of Basrah, also partially depopulated by war. There is also the site of the ancient city of Babylon, where exiled Jews lamented by the banks of its rivers their loss of Zion. Initial work on Babylon's restoration was begun by the late Saddam Hussein in 1983, but three wars, one with Iran and two with the United States, destroyed some of the progress that was made and stalled further construction. Still, plans are currently underway by the US and the Iraqi government to rebuild Babylon as a tourist attraction and entertainment centre ... to bring to fruition the dream pursued by Saddam. Lastly, there is the city of Baghdad, the capital of the "land between two rivers" (Iraq), although only the Tigris River runs through it.
As for France, Paris is watered by the two major rivers Seine and Marne.
Another French city that figures prominently in Nostradamus' quatrains concerning France and the Vatican is Avignon. It lies within the V formed by the rivers Rhone and Durance.
In Greece, the great city of Athens is watered by two rivers, the Kifisos and Ilisos.
In North America, the huge metropolis of Montreal in Quebec, Canada lies on the junction of two rivers: the St Lawrence and the Ottawa. And Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as noted earlier, has two rivers: the Delaware and the Schuylkill.
There are many others to be found throughout the world.

Where is the city where there is a nearby mountain with a cross at its summit?
Again, there are many such cities all over the world.

Is there a city watered by two rivers with a nearby mountain with a cross at its summit?
Returning to the city of Paris, the holy mountain, as suggested by a viewer, may well be the hill of the Sacre Couer Cathedral. Paris also is the city of Diana's death ("the Rose") and now the site of several Diana shrines of great significance.
Also in France, the holy mountain of Avignon, as suggested by another viewer, could well be Le rocher des Doms which looks a lot like the one of prophecy. As for the cross at the top of Le rocher des Doms, it likely belongs to the Cathedrale Notre Dame des Doms.

Le rocher des Doms Cathedrale Notre Dame des Doms at Avignon

According to the Third Secret of Fatima, the city in question will be half-destroyed. In the case of Paris, a huge metropolis with a population of 2,249,975, the French prophet warns that a second, dreadful revolution will plague the great city again, which will be surrounded by foreign troops that will allow its own people to burn it to the ground. At Avignon, a city of 92,000, a terrible Muslim invasion will bring military destruction there as well.
Montreal, a huge, sprawling, cosmopolitan city between two rivers, is well-known for its holy mountain. The Mount Royal Cross is a monument on top of Mount Royal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It stands at the northeastern edge of the mountain, overlooking the east end of Montreal. The current cross stands 103 feet tall. It was converted to fibre-optic light in 1992, allowing the cross to be lit in red, blue or purple. The cross is usually illuminated in white; the new computerised system permits it to be changed to any colour, including the purple traditionally used between the death of the Pope and the election of the new Pope.
Montreal, Canada Mount Royal
How frightful, indeed, it would be if the half-destroyed metropolis of prophecy is Montreal ... with a population in 2013 of 1,717,767. This would indeed indicate World War III had begun.

The Second Rose Prophecy Indicates Athens May Be The City
However, if we look at our second "rose" prophecy by Nostradamus, it becomes apparent that the city in question may well be ATHENS ... in the nation of Greece. Pope John Paul II visited this great city in 2001, but Pope Benedict XVI did not and Pope Francis has yet to visit there ... and he might not until the fatal blooming of "the Rose" takes place.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 5.31 ~
Through the land of Attica, leader of wisdom, which at present is the rose of the world: The Pontiff ruined
and his great pre-eminence, to be subjugated and a shipwreck in the waves.

Athens, the capital and largest city in Greece, is located in the southeastern part of the country along the Attic plain. Three of its sides are mountainous, the Parnis, Penteli and Hymettos Mountains, and two rivers, the Kifisos and Ilisos, flow throughout the city. It has a huge population of 3,737,550.
Athens is truly a city watered by two rivers.
That is all that is required for it to be the city described in Quatrain 2.97.
But could it also be the city of the Fatima vision ... a city where a sacred mountain can be accessed?
Athens skyline Athens and Mount Hymettus
There is no notable cross at the top of any of the three mountains listed above, although there are several monastaries. The nearest mountain in Greece that does have a cross at its peak is many miles away on the Greek island of Rhodes (which is obviously not on the Attica plain and quite close to Turkey). However, in 1925, high above Mount Hymettus, just outside of Athens, there was a gigantic cross seen for the space of half an hour.
On the night of September 14, 1925, above the top of Mount Hymettus, over 2,000 of the Faithful witnessed a miracle from God: it took the form of a huge, radiant Byzantine cross:

The Cross above Mount HymettusOne of the most astounding signs from God took place during the all-night vigil for the feast of the Exaltation of the Precious Cross, in the year 1925. In the little country chapel of St. John the Theologian at the foot of Mt. Hymettus (which was then miles outside of Athens, but which is now deep within the city limits-so much has the city grown. The section is called St. John Holargos) over two thousand people had gathered to celebrate the feast according to the old calendar reckoning. When Archbishop Papadopoulos got wind of it, he sent a message to the Minister of Interior Affairs, who in turn sent the police to disperse the crowd and arrest the priest. When the police arrived and saw the size of the crowd, they decided to wait until the morning to arrest the priest.
At midnight, just when the procession for Litya was taking place, the people who were standing outside in the court of the little chapel suddenly saw a giant cross forming in the heavens directly above their heads. The Cross, which was lying horizontally, stretched from the little chapel to above the peak of Mt. Hymettus, and was in the form of the Byzantine Cross, with three straight cross-bars. When the people saw it-it was most brilliant and radiant in appearance-they all cried out in fear. The procession and the service came to a stop, and the people fell on their knees weeping and chanting Kyrie eleison. The police, also, became so terrified that they literally threw down their weapons and with tears began to pray with the others. For a half-hour the Cross remained thus in the sky and then slowly began to raise itself until it finally stood straight up and down, and then it slowly disappeared.

Could the answer to the riddle of the cross in the Third Secret of Fatima be that the cross itself is a miracle? Imagine Pope Benedict or a successor deciding one day to celebrate the 1925 Miracle of the Cross of Mount Hymettus by visiting Athens and then touring the slope and peak of the holy mountain ... a mountain whose slopes are inside Athens itself (just like the mountain in the Third Secret of Fatima, accessible from the "half-destroyed" city). From its top one can see all of Athens, the tops of the other mountains, and even as far southwest as the Peloponnese.
When we read the Third Secret of Fatima, it becomes apparent that the Cross itself transcends reality, being attended by angelic beings associated with Martyrdom and the sealing of souls.
Thus, there need be no cross at all ... the cross the Pope and his entourage may be paying homage to in the Fatima prophecy may be the miraculous one that appeared upon the feast of the Exaltation of the Precious Cross. Or could it be that a great monument will be erected there to commemorate the 1925 miracle ... a giant cross?
A future papal trip to Athens and Mount Hymettus could well mark another occasion of importance: an effort to merge the Greek Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church ... the reuniting of the Eastern and Western Roman Empire. Already Pope Benedict has been making great strides at the task John Paul II held dear: the reunification of the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion. Will his next task be to reconcile with the Greek Orthodox Church? This pope seems to be all about unification.
If Athens is the city half-destroyed, then the pope will die there "in the land of Attica" at a pivotal moment of future history, for there may be a biblical prophecy that coincides with the murderous attack by soldiers upon him and his entourage.

Daniel 11:2 ~

And now will I show thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia: and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia.

World War III will either begin or be well under way when a declaration of war by Iran (Persia) is made against Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, and the European Union. When Iran invades Macedonia and Greece, Russia will invade Germany and Austria.

The Third Rose Prophecy Indicates a Great Revelation

Nostradamus, Quatrain 5.96 ~
The rose above the middle of the great world, for new deeds blood publicly shed: To speak the truth
they will have closed mouths, then at the time of need the awaited one will come late.

Rose of the World linked to supermodel's suicidesAlthough one meaning, as we will discover, concerns the murder of Princess Diana ("the Rose") in Paris, another concerns a religious cult, a spectacular suicide, and the release of a great revelation.
It was reported in 2011 by various news sources that a 1970s American mind-control cult similar to Scientology called "The Rose of the World" remains active in other countries, including Russia. An investigation by filmmaker Peter Pomerantsev has concluded without a doubt that Russian supermodel Ruslana Korshunova, who leapt to her death from a building site adjacent to her 9th floor Manhattan apartment on June 28, 2008, belonged to this cult. So too did another prominent model, Anastasia Drozdova, a close friend of Ruslana's, who also leapt to her death in 2009. Both were members of the cult, Rose of the World.
Ruslana allegedly wrote the following on her web page before leaping to her death: "My dream is to fly. Oh, my rainbow it is too high." A search of Anastasia's room yielded the following cryptic message from Rose of the World: "Anastasia, your lullaby is winter's end. You're on your way."
Ruslana's body was found 8.5 metres from the building from which she fell.
Pomerantsev had this to say about Ruslana's alleged suicide "jump":
"8.5 meters? That's not a fall. That's a leap. That's almost flight. She didn't stand on the ledge and take a step off. She took a run and soared."
Manhattan is the financial centre of the world ("middle of the great world"). Ruslana Korshunova's blood was shed publicly, but for what "new deeds" remains a mystery.
Meantime, the return of Jesus Christ was falsely anticipated to occur on May 21, 2011. However, as Nostradamus assures us, He will come much later than anyone dares to imagine.
In some way, this "rose revelation" may be a warning to the current pope that a "two rivers" city or "Holy cross mountain" must be avoided. It could be functioning as a timing clue, just as the time when the roses bloom (May/June) also does.
Unplanned, spontaneous trips could be extemely dangerous. One example of how such a trip could have been disastrous was Pope Benedict's June 2011 journey to Croatia and considered visit to nearby Medjugorje.
The timing of this papal visit to Zagreb was potentially dangerous had Pope Benedict decided to take a train or plane afterwards to Medjugorje and then climb Medjugorje Cross Mountain, the highest Golgotha in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Especially in light of the following revelation:

Student arrested ahead of Papal visit to Croatia

Cache of guns found but police have not confirmed if they have halted an assassination attempt on Holy Father
Scottish Catholic Observer
May 31, 2011
Pope to visit CroatiaZagreb skyline
A Croatian student has been arrested after posting ‘weird’ comments about Pope Benedict XVI on Facebook ahead of the Papal visit to the country this weekend. The arrest was made in the southern village of Skabrnja and the 22-year-old, who lives with his father, was found with two guns and 300 rounds of ammunition, according to police reports.
Croatian police have not confirmed whether they believe they halted an assassination attempt on the Holy Father, who is due to arrive in Zagreb on Saturday.
Prior to the incident, Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi said that the Pope feels at home in Croatia, a country with deep Christian and Catholic roots that has preserved with loyalty in difficult times. “Today, Croatia faces the challenge of secularisation: the family and youth are crucial challenges it has to deal with,” Fr Lombardi said. “That’s why the central events of the Pope’s trip are his participation in the meeting with Croatian Catholic Families, and with young people.”

This occurred on the heels of the arrest the previous week of former Bosnian Serb military general Ratko Mladic for genocide. Since the arrest and pending trial in the Netherlands, thousands of Serbs rioted and clashed with police in support of Mladic. The region, once again, threatened to become inflamed with passions ... then came the report of a foiled assassination. A city like Zagreb or Belgrade could have been torn asunder if just the wrong events had taken place.
Although when reading the Third Secret of Fatima one gets the feeling that the "big city" is quite near to the "mountain," this need not be the case. In this age of air travel they could be miles apart yet the trip from one to the other might only be 15 to 20 minutes, more or less. The Croatian city of Zagreb is this close in terms of air travel. It is not watered by two rivers, but it is "big" enough with a population of 785,964.
Yet, hop on a plane, and the Pope could be in the pastoral village of Medjugorje in less than half an hour.
The Holy Cross at the peak of Cross Mountain in Bosnia A view of Cross Mountain from Apparition Hill
The most famous and holy mountain in the world at this time is Cross Mountain in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is accessed from Apparition Mountain where a Marian apparition appeared before six children on June 24, 1981. Two of the six children have continued to receive messages from the Virgin Mary every month since that date. Medugorje has become one of the most popular pilgrimage sites for Catholics (and people of other faiths) in the world and has turned into Europe's third most important religious place, where each year more than 1 million people visit. It has been estimated that 30 million pilgrims have come to Medugorje since the reputed apparitions began in 1981. Many have reported visual phenomena including the sun spinning in the sky or changing colors and figures such as hearts and crosses around the sun.

When is either the Nostradamus prophecy or Fatima prophecy supposed to take place?

Unfortunately, Nostradamus does not say. Aside from the possible season of late spring or summer, a year is not given. Nor is there any planetary alignment contained in Quatrains 2.97 or 5.31 as a dating clue. Likewise, the Fatima revelation, as much as we know, reveals only that such an event will occur at a time of major, probably global, war (unless the half-destroyed city is in ruins due to a massive terrorist attack).

Base 7 projection

I believe that history repeats itself (more or less) at intervals of seven years and multiples of seven years. I call this mathematically-based theory "base 7 numerology" although it is not true numerology, but a mathematically-contrived system based on observation of historical patterns ... a way to understand and anticipate the workings of a very real natural phenomenon.
The key to the future, in other words, lies in the past. History truly does repeat itself, yet not always exactly.
I use real historical events, their months and years, as the index or precedent(s) for the projected future event. I also use real prophecy and close observation of current events to calculate in what direction we are heading. I find that to the year I am usually between 71% and 91% successful with my predictions.
So, according to my base 7 system of numerology, when might the current pope be in danger?
Some things are hidden from us, however perfect God's number 7 may be. There are some events we are meant to be confused about, and that we cannot be allowed to tamper with .. for better or for worse. Yet, it is surprising the many things we are allowed to know about in advance ... and to change or at least postpone. Evidence of the number 7, and multiples thereof, working through diverse historical patterns and trends is more plentiful than one man alone can possibly predict. Often I discover, after it is too late, that yet another "base 7" historical repetition has played out.
Still, some things are intended to be hidden. All of these projections of past events repeating again in some fashion in the future and the dating "vectors" for them are merely "windows of opportunity." That is all they are: opportunities for an event to happen again in some way. Yet, by anticipating the future through the study of past events and repetitive trends, these projections can fulfill the same function as prophecy.
Palace of the Popes in Avignon, FranceThere are three assassination dates to be concerned about: September 1978, May 1981, and May 1982.
The first is September 1978. I believed that like 1978, 2013 would be a "Triple Pope" year. The year 1978 in August, September, and October was marked by the deaths of Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul I, and Pope John Paul II's ascension to the Holy See (5 x 7 years earlier). I believed and predicted that Pope Benedict XVI would die of natural causes like Pope Paul VI. Instead he was the first pope to retire in Vatican history.
It then stood to reason that his successor, who turned out to be Pope Francis, would die like Pope John Paul I who, it is widely believed, was murdered by poison. This time instead I predicted that the new pope would be the one Nostradamus called "Paul the celibate" and die at Avignon in September 2013 during a Muslim attack on southern France, having fled Rome some time prior during the appearance of an unusually bright comet. Avignon is a city between two rivers.
This did not happen. The much anticipated Comet PanSTARRS turned out to be yet another fizzle, thus no reason to flee Rome and head for southern France. A greater expectation awaited for November 2013 with Comet ISON (yet another major disappointment). Nevertheless, nerves became frayed when in June 2013, one month before he was to visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, mass protests and terrible riots broke out that lasted for many days and involved millions of people. Parts of the city went up in flames.
I felt it necessary to warn against the planned July 2013 visit. Indeed, the trip was nearly canceled by Vatican officials. Fortunately, the rioting ended a few weeks beforehand and peace prevailed during the papal visit. But what would have happened if PanSTARRS had been a brilliant apparition in April and May? It may have been all for the best for Pope Francis that it wasn't.
September 2013 rolls around again in 2020. But 2020 can only be dangerous if it conforms to a Triple Pope year like 1978.
Even so, September 2013 will continue to be a base 7 influence until the last day of December 2014. The Triple Pope Year could instead turn out to be the Triple Pope Biennial. That is why any trip to Iraq now under consideration by Francis will be highly dangerous.
The other two base 7 dates to be concerned about are May 2016, due to the attempted assassination and serious injuring of Pope John Paul II when he was shot by Mehmet Ali Agca in May 1981, and May 2017, due to a second attempt on the Pope's life in May 1982 when he was attacked by a knife-wielding priest.

Clues from Nostradamus

Quatrain 2.97, by itself, reads like a papal visit gone horribly wrong. It sings with a sense of peacetime in spring or summer, with roses abloom, perhaps with what may be a beautiful apparition of Diana occurring at the same time in England -- all shattered by the crackling guns of assassins.
However, in sharp contrast to this scenario is the Third Secret of Fatima which says the city will be gloomy and half-destroyed, apparently by war, and that the visiting pope will bless the dead bodies of the inhabitants before he and his entire ENTOURAGE are killed BY SOLDIERS.
The entourage is the detail that may link the two prophecies. Nostradamus says "both you and yours" to the pope who will die, thus indicating others accompanying him will also die.
However, I must stress this as a possibility: Quatrain 2.97 may deal with the first murdered pope (Francis or his successor) and the Third Secret of Fatima prophecy may concern the next murdered pope, "Paul the Celibate" (Pope Paul VII? Pope John Paul III?).
Thus, between now and May 2017 we may see: 1) a murdered "Rose Pope," possibly in June, 2) a murdered "Paul the Celibate" (Pol Mensolee) during a military attack, 3) the election of a French pope in exile ... not to officially return to take power in Rome and the Vatican for another 25 months.
In a series of frightening quatrains, Nostradamus describes an invasion of southern France via the Pyrenees and from the port at Marseilles. It culminates with nearly a million dead French civilians killed by "fire from the sky" as they flee northwards toward Lyon (which is also captured by the enemy). I believe the cause of the "fire" will be Fuel Air Explosives, sometimes called the poor man's nuclear bomb. The devastation from FAEs is nearly as horrific as that caused by atomic bombs, only without the radiation.
This southern advance I believe will be led by Iranian ("Persian") and "Median" allies of Moscow (Iranians, Kurds, and Moslem groups from the former Soviet Union such as the Azeris and Abkhazians). Meanwhile, Russian forces will press westward into Austria and Germany from the former Warsaw Pact and north into Scandinavia. The world will be at war.

"Pol Mensolee"/"Paul the celibate" (Nostradamus)
The next pope will likely be called Paul VII or else John Paul III.
If Francis fails to fulfill the role of Petrus Romanus, but instead proves to be Ignis ardens, upon his death or retirement it will be said of him that he was one of the "indeterminant number of popes" not named by Malachy that would reign between Gloria Olivae and Petrus Romanus. Upon the election of his successor it may be said that he instead is the Tribulation pope. But this will be wrong, as he shall have a successor who will be French and reign many years.
The reign of "Pol Mensolee" will be short, for war will come to Western Europe and he shall be forced to flee Rome. He will escape to France, only to be killed-in-action in Avignon during a military attack.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.37 ~
A short time before the sun sets, conflict is engaged, a great nation in doubt:
Overcome, the marine port will not reply, Pontiff and grave to be both in foreign places.

Pol Mensolee de Avignon

Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.46 ~
Paul the celibate will die three leagues from the Rhone, the two nearest flee the destructive monster:
When Mars will make a most horrible throne, the cock and the eagle, France, the three brothers.

John of the Cleft Rock (14th Century)
Towards the end of the world, tyrants and hostile mobs will rob the Church and the clergy of all their possessions and will afflict and martyr them. Those who heap the most abuse upon them will be held in high esteem.
At that time, the Pope with his cardinals will have to flee Rome in tragic circumstances to a place where they will be unknown. The Pope will die a cruel death in his exile. The sufferings of the Church will be much greater than at any previous time in her history. But God will raise a holy Pope, and the Angels will rejoice. Enlightened by God, this man will rebuild almost the whole world through his holiness. He will lead everyone to the true Faith.

Pope Pius X (1835 - 1914)
"What I have seen is terrifying! Will I be the one, or will it be a successor? What is certain is that the Pope will leave Rome and, in leaving the Vatican, he will have to pass over the dead bodies of his priests! Do not tell anyone this while I am alive."
"I saw one of my successors taking to flight over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in disguise somewhere and after a short retirement he will die a cruel death. The present wickedness of the world is only the beginning of the sorrows which must take place before the end of the world. Respect for God has disappeared from human hearts. They wish to efface even God's memory. This perversity is nothing less than the beginning of the last days of the world."
Russian and Iranian tanks invade southern France

We were able to rule out an August 27, 2003 dating for the above Quatrain 8.46 when global war failed to occur at the time Mars achieved its closest opposition to earth in 60,000 years. Therefore, Nostradamus could only be writing of Mars in its usual role of the God of War.
As I mentioned above, I can only arrive at three potential base 7 vectors for a murderous attack upon any pope: September 2013, May 2016 and May 2017.
Thus, according to Quatrain 8.46 above, a pope who flees Rome will die nine miles (three leagues) from Tarascon, in Avignon. As mentioned already, Avignon is situated in the V formed by the rivers Rhone and Durance. He will literally be between two rivers.
Diana, the possible "rose" of Quatrain 2.97, died in northern France, in Paris, watered by the rivers Seine and Marne.
So there is an interesting symmetry here: northern France for Diana, southern France for Pol Mensolee (Paul VII or John Paul III).
So Quatrain 2.97 apparently happens during a time of war, just as the Fatima vision suggests.
The fiery invasion of southern France is also echoed in an ancient document authored by an unknown clergyman in AD 346. Entitled the Liber Vaticinationem Quodam Instinctumentis, it presages three world wars that will directly involve Germany, the first two as an aggressor and the last as a defender of "the Empire" against the invaders from the East:

Norma 63:7
For the third (world war), the earth shakes,
The throat of the Gaul (France) is ravaged.
Many die fleeing from the awful winds,
The sun halts in its path in the heavens.
Many die fleeing from the awful winds

It is then said that the norma will die "when the wolf (Germany) is hacked to bits."
According to Nostradamus many of the towns and cities in this region, such as Carcassonne, Comminges, Foix, Auch, Mazeres, Nice, Frejus, and Antibes will be attacked by enemies with weapons that bring down "fire from the sky."
During this invasion, the Pope dies approaching Le Rocher des Doms. Nearly a million French will die along with him or be taken captive:

Quatrain 1.72
All of the inhabitants of Marseilles are changed,
Fleeing and pursued as far as Lyon,
Narbonne, Toulouse outraged by Bordeaux,
The killed and captive are nearly one million.

Citizens of Marseilles are pursued by Islamic forces as far as the major French city of Lyon 150 miles to the north. The southern cities of Toulouse and Narbonne are sacked, and the total number of French killed or taken prisoner fleeing 'the awful winds' of atomic and FAE (Fuel Air Explosive) attacks are 1,000,000.
In any event, I must lay out this scenario, if not as a warning to Francis, then to one of the men who follows after him.

"The Pope from Ancient France" aka "The Cardinal of France" (Nostradamus)

Cardinal André Armand Vingt-Trois will one day succeed Pope Benedict XVI

I believe the above cardinal of France, André Armand Vingt-Trois, may be the same "the cardinal of France" Nostradamus tells us will appear during World War III and that this man will be elected pope to become the "great Pontiff." Many candidates have been placed by interpreters of prophecy; however, I have been consistant about my belief that Vingt-Trois will be the French pontiff since at least 2004. Nostradamus even names him in one quatrain when London is under attack and a highly-placed high priestess, none other than "the whore of Babylon," is killed along with many of her sect.
The Vatican will be in exile at this time. When the war ends, he will return to Rome and will become the greatest pope of our age: "The great Pontiff" who shall rule alongside the "The Great Monarch."
However, according to John of Vitiguerro (13th Century) there may be no pope at all for 25 months, after which the French pope is elected:

The pope will change his residence and the Church will not be defended for twenty-five months or more because, during all that time there will be no Pope in Rome... After many tribulations, a Pope shall be elected out of those who survived the persecutions.

This could delay the "great Pontiff" coming to power until 2018 or even 2019.
Here is yet another prophecy concerning a French pontiff:

Abbot "Merlin" Joachim (d. 1202) ~

At the beginning, in order to obtain these happy results, having need of a powerful temporal assistance, this holy Pontiff will ask the cooperation of the generous monarch of France (Great Monarch). At that time a handsome monarch, a scion of King Pepin, will come as a pilgrim to witness the splendor of this glorious pontiff, whose name shall begin with R . . . A temporal throne becoming vacant, the Pope shall place on it this king whose assistance he shall ask.

This certainly appears to be about the pope who, in most prophecies, comes to power near or at the end of World War III along with "the Great Monarch" (whom Nostradamus names "Chiren" in the quatrains).
Then again, perhaps the "great Pontiff" comes to power before the great and terrible war begins and the "Great Monarch" (who is usually French) does not take action and defeat the enemies from "the East" until near the end of the war. Thus, speculation concerning the identity of this monarch will remain a subject of debate until this destined "first king" of Europe drives out the Eastern armies. However, if he is to be a descendent of Pepin the Short, he would have to be of Carolingian blood, long thought to be extinct.
Upon this issue of the "great Pontiff" many prophecies are in contradiction: some say the wartime pope flees Rome and dies in exile, there is no pope or only antipopes for a few years, and then another pope (the "great Pontiff") is elected and installed at the end of the world war; others say the wartime pontiff flees Rome, goes into temporary exile, and is restored to the Vatican when the war ends.
Which shall it be?

Benedict XVI, pontiff emeritus: Future German Antipope?
Benedict XVI may be retired and no longer a pope, but he is very much alive and can still function as an antipope.
There is a lengthy (too lengthy for this page) prophecy by Merlin that would suggest that the now retired Benedict XVI might come to be regarded as a "German Anti-Pope" after which another pope is restored as "true Pope" by the French monarch near the end of the war.

Merlin (6th century) ~

There will come a German Anti-Pope. Italy and Germany will be sorely troubled. A French King will restore the true Pope ...

In the meanwhile a powerful Prince out of the East shall provoke him to battle. Against whom the Lion shall march with all his forces and pitching his camp on this side (west) of the Euphrates, shall await him. If the Prince shall come over the river the Lion shall be overcome; but he (Lion) shall cross the river with his army and give his enemy a bloody defeat and be master of all the East.

Note that Merlin somewhat contradicts Joachim who says the Pope will select the great Monarch and restore him to the long vacant imperial throne of the Charlemagne empire. Here it is the monarch who restores the Pope. Also, in this instance, the pope from Germany is called an "Anti-Pope." Time will tell.

The Pope of the Crooked Cross

Although the following quatrain alone does not identify who "the great Pontiff" may be, it is important in setting the stage for one that does. Note that a time will come when the Pope has his own army. No pope has had a real army of his own since the 16th Century. And since this prophecy was never fulfilled during the 16th Century, during or after the death of Nostradamus, it must be futuristic.

Quatrain 5.44

By sea the red one will be captured by pirates,
The peace will be troubled by his policy:
The anger and greed will be revealed by a false act,
For the great Pontiff the army will be doubled.

Apparently the Cardinal Legate will be taken hostage at sea by terrorists ("pirates"), troubling a shaky peace. The European Union will double the size of the Pope's private army, indicating he already has had one for some period of time.

Quatrain 6.49

Through the party of Mars, the great Pontiff
Will subjugate the confines of the Danube:
The cross pursues with a crooked cross of iron,
Captives, gold, jewels, more than one hundred thousand rubies.

Again we see a new pope with a private army. During the latter stages of World War III, he will order a task force into lower Germany, Austria, and the former Yugoslavia to drive out what foreign forces still remain in these countries. War criminals will be pursued and captured, weapons confiscated, prisoners released from death camps, and valuables restored to the survivors.
Note that in line 3 the Pope is associated with the "crooked cross of iron": Nostradamus' description in other quatrains of the Nazi swastika. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler youth and served in the German army for two years before deserting to America. For this reason, I believe this quatrain, at least, and possibly Quatrain 5.44 above, may be about a German antipope, the now-retired Benedict XVI, and events yet to come in the near future.

Princess Diana visits a mosque

The Name of the Rose

Nostradamus may be providing the pontiff with a double clue as to the time when he and his entourage may be gunned down by assassins.
"When blooms the rose" not only indicates the season of summer but the July 1 to August 31 period when the memory of Princess Diana, "England's Rose" is honoured each year at Althorp, London, and the tunnel in Paris.
Pope Francis waving

The Resurrection of the Rose

On April 24, 2011, the time finally arrived for a substitute "England's Rose" ... a woman who would marry Diana's eldest son and pretender to the throne, Prince William. For that is what people are beginning to call the former Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (Kate Middleton), now Duchess of Cambridge. Like the late Princess Diana did when she was alive, Kate is also setting new fashion trends. She is the most popular female to marry into royalty since Diana ... many are counting on her to take Diana's place in their hearts. Will she be able to do this?

It is much too early to tell if a link between England's new rose and the pope has been established. Stay tuned.

Sophie Rhys-JonesOn June 19, 1999, Prince Edward married his sweetheart of six years, Sophie Rhys-Jones, age 34. Because of her uncanny resemblance to the late Princess Diana, the British and American media began dubbing her "the new Di." Will she one day be nicknamed "the new Rose?" Did Nostradamus, noting the physical resemblance between the two women, think of Sophie as a sort of resurrection of Diana -- England's Rose literally blooming again in 1999, 2000, and the first decade of the millennium? As Sophie, the new Rose, finds herself increasingly an object of media interest, the Pope ... any pope ... must continue to exercise caution.
The following event occurred near the occasion of the marriage of Prince Edward and Sophie, Earl and Countess of Wessex:
June 21, 1999: Pope John Paul II fell while visiting towns in southeastern Poland on June 12, 1999. He suffered a mild contusion that required three stitches. Fortunately, none of the places he visited were "watered by two rivers." On June 15, the pope was bedridden in Krakow with flu and a high fever -- forcing him to cancel all planned appearences in Poland that day. Although still unwell, he recovered enough to continue with his visit the following day and is now in good health. Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones, "the new Rose," were married on June 19 -- seven days following the pope's fall, four days following the fever.
On November 8, 2003, Countess Sophie of Wessex gave birth to a baby girl, Lady Louise Windsor, by emergency Caesarian section at Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey. It is the first child of Prince Edward and Countess Sophie (or Sophie Wessex as she prefers to be known).
Only a month before, on October 2, 2003, reports surfaced that Pope John Paul II was gravely ill. Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn announced that Pope John Paul was nearing death -- one of several top churchman to ring alarm bells about the state of the pontiff's health.
"The whole world is experiencing a pope who is sick, handicapped and dying -- I don't know how close to death he is --- who is approaching the last days and months of his life," Schoenborn told Austrian radio. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, an influential German prelate who heads the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was quoted as saying by German magazine Bunte that the pope was "in a bad way" and called on the faithful to pray for the pope.
Sophie and Edward with their baby daughter, Lady Louise WindsorLikewise, the final hospitalisations of the Pope in February and March 2005 nearly coincided with the February announcement by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles of their engagement to marry in April 2005. This triggered a new surge of support for the memory of Princess Diana among her fans and worshippers. Also in March 2005, when the Pope was hospitalised for the last time, Sophie and Edward announced they would attend the wedding and Sophie gave the engagement a "thumbs up" in an interview in a German tabloid.
I suspect this to be further evidence of the dangers facing any pontiff whenever Sophie or the memory of Diana becomes the focus of major media attention.
In regards to Sophie (rather than Diana), I believe "the rose" is only a dating mechanism created by Nostradamus -- a juxtaposition of two unrelated events occurring about the same time. I seriously doubt that any direct or "psychic" connexion between Sophie Rhys-Jones (now Sophie, Countess of Wessex) and the late Pope John Paul II was ever intended.

Sophie Rhys-JonesOctober 8, 1999: The British media reported that Prince Charles was grooming Camilla Parker-Bowles to be the next Princess Diana. Sparing no expense, Camilla duplicated her hairstyle, clothes, and even had oral surgery in an attempt to recreate Diana's beautiful and engaging smile.
However, the public knew much better: Sophie was winning the hearts of millions, just as I predicted she would. Furthermore she had an effortless and uncanny facial resemblance to England's Rose. Camilla may need to cut off a toe or a piece of heel to get Cindrella's slipper to fit, but for Sophie the shoe slides on as gently as a glove.
Like Diana, Sophie was also being roundly criticised by some members of the royal family, including Prince Charles, for many of the same traits Diana had: her independence, spunk, and charisma. In an effort to change her into a docile royal housewife (a role temporarily forced upon Diana), Queen Elizabeth scolded the then 34-year-old Countess of Wessex for continuing to run her own public relations firm, telling her she must choose between her business or her role as royal wife. Sophie reportedly straightened the queen out on the issue of whose life was whose in true Diana style.
It is indeed unfortunate that Edward and Sophie are not next in line for the throne. However, after having said that, I would hate to see William deprived of his rightful place as King of Great Britain one day.
However, great things are in store for Edward and Sophie in the years ahead that will tower much higher in power and prestige than the throne of Great Britain.

Sophie displays her effortless elegance
Sophie, who turned 40 in late January, was as radiant as ever as she stepped out for a charity luncheon on Wednesday Photo: © EMPICS10 MARCH 2005
On the eve of her husband's 41st birthday, the Countess of Wessex was a standout royal guest at a lunch reception for the Wellbeing of Women Charity in Regents Park on Wednesday.
The busy mother-of-one, who carried out more than 180 engagements last year, showed she's undoubtedly looking fabulous at 40, the landmark age she hit in late January. Sophie was as radiant as ever at the luncheon, simple and elegant in a black V-neck top paired with a sparkling multi-strand necklace.
And as her spouse Prince Edward begins the second year of his 40s, he might be wise to follow the philosophy of his graceful wife. "Apparently 45 is the new 25," she said on her birthday, "so I feel great."

Empress Sophie?

See The Early 21st Century: 2013 - 2016 for more on the future of Edward and Sophie as Emperor and Empress of an European empire yet to be formed.
I must say in conclusion that there can be no real substitute for Diana -- she is gone and the world is a darker place because her light was extinguished. Still, as time rolls on, I feel England will recapture some of that light; and Duchess Catherine, if not also Countess Sophie, is definitely going to be one of this firmaments' shining stars.

Evidence that Nostradamus' Rose is a Person

As much as I dislike having to do this, my assertion that Nostradamus used "the Rose" to represent Princess Diana will hold no water unless I discuss a quatrain that seems to indicate that her death would be linked to a conspiracy. Only after Diana's death did I understand this prediction, because it had been many years since I had heard her called "England's Rose" -- for so very long she had been "Di," "Lady Di," "Princess Di," or simply "Diana" to her adoring fans and admirers.
Quatrain 5.96
Above the middle of the great world, the rose,
For new deeds blood publicly is shed:
To speak the truth they (French investigators) will have closed mouths,
Then, at a time of need, the awaited one will come late.
Speeding through Paris
Diana - 'Lady in Red' Diana was the most famous and glamorous woman in "the great world." If the second line does apply to her, she was killed because of "new deeds": possibly her affair with boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed. The French authorities have frustrated the international public which adored Diana by being tight-lipped about the investigation. It is doubtful they will ever "speak the truth," perhaps because French secret police were involved in the murder plot. The last line remains a mystery, unless it refers to the tardy coronation of an aging Prince Charles. Then again, if the "awaited one" is a spiritual leader, it could refer to Pope Benedict XVI. It must be noted that Pope John Paul II's funeral was held exactly 7 years and 7 months after the funeral of Princess Diana. The election of Benedict XVI may be coded by "will come late" as the time between funerals.

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Mary and The Rosa Mystica

Statue of Mary with garland of roses at her feetIn a recent letter from a visitor to this web site I was enlightened on yet another connexion to the rose. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus, has also been called the Rosa Mystica (Mystical Rose) since her appearances in Montichiari, Italy in 1947 and 1968.
The writer states that she thinks "that the 'blooming of the rose' could very well be the acceptance of her many calls to Prayer, and Penance for the sake of World Peace. The number of Reported apparitions has skyrocketed in the last forty years or so and if a small percentage are real then this will truly be what even secular media have called The Age of Mary."
According to one web site dedicated to providing information on Mary as Rosa Mystica:
"Since antiquity the rose was considered a symbol of mystery. For early Christians the rose is a visual expression for paradise (Catacombs of Callixtus, 3rd century) but also for martyrdom (Cyprian, Ep. 10). The Marian interpretation of this symbol dates to the 5th century (Sedulius Caelius). He is probably the first to call Mary a 'rose among thorns' (Carmen paschale II, 28-31).
Frequent Marian references to rose and rosebush were made in medieval times with special reference to Isaiah 11,1 ('...a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse / and from his roots a bud shall blossom.').
Medieval authors had a second source for their use of mystical rose: the verse from Sir. 24, 14 ('like a palm tree in Engedi, like a rosebush in Jericho') which makes reference to God graced fertility and growth, again a reference to the mysterious generation of Christ from the womb of Mary.
It is based on these two traditions that the expression rosa mystica was coined by the author of the Litanies of Loreto, and subsequently used in hymns ('Es ist ein Ros...') and art (center of the labyrinth of Chartres)."
I have also uncovered something else of interest in my research. Another, more specific meaning may be found regarding the "blooming of the rose." Since Montichiari, some Catholics celebrate July 13 as the Day of Mary.
Therefore, if an actual month or season is being referenced by Nostradamus in association with someone named "the rose," in a strange way it might not matter whether we mean the Virgin Mary or Princess Diana. For Mary, the season is summer, specifically the month of July (and more specifically July 13). For Diana, the season is also summer, and July/August marks the Althorp season when her life is reflected upon -- from her birth on July 1 to her death on August 31.
If Rosa Mystica is the key to Quatrain 2.97, and the Day of Mary is the clue to the "blooming of the Rose," then Pope Benedict XVI or the one who follows him may be assassinated on a specific date: July 13, 2008 or July 13, 2009.

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Pope Benedict XVI in Prophecy

Pope Benedictus XVI Retires from Papacy on 28 February
The First Pope To Resign in Nearly 600 Years

Neither the Rose Prophecy nor the Third Secret of Fatima shall touch this pope.
However, because this may be a
Triple Pope year, his successor might
have a very short reign and succumb to the most dire of prophecies.

Pope Benedict to resign at the end of the month, Vatican saysFebruary 11, 2013
Rome (CNN) -- Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28, his spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told CNN Monday.
The 85-year-old pope is resigning "because of advanced age," Benedict told the cardinals of the Catholic Church on Monday.
"Strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me," the pope told the cardinals, according to the Vatican.
The last pope to resign was Gregory XII in 1415. He did so to end a civil war within the church in which more than one man claimed to be pope.
Pope Benedict XVI announces his resignation 'I'm just a pilgrim,' Benedict XVI says in public farewellMarch 1, 2013 ¶ Rome (CNN) -- Benedict XVI's time as pope came to a historic end Thursday, as he became the first pontiff in six centuries to resign as leader of the world's Roman Catholics, who now number 1.2 billion. Torchlit crowds stood before the gates of the Castel Gandolfo residence, waiting to see the Swiss Guards, the soldiers who traditionally protect the pope, salute and close the doors on the stroke of 8 p.m.
The guards' departure from the papal summer home brings Benedict's papacy to a formal end. The protection of Benedict there falls now to Vatican police. The process of transition to that new pope now begins. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is without a leader. Benedict, who will now be known as "pontiff emeritus," will spend the next few weeks at the peaceful, hilltop Castel Gandolfo residence before moving to a small monastery on Vatican grounds.
"I am no longer the pope but I am still in the church. I'm just a pilgrim who is starting the last part of his pilgrimage on this earth. I would still -- with my heart, with my love, with my prayers, with my reflection, and with all my inner strength -- like to work for the common good and the good of the church and of humanity. I feel very supported by your kindness. Let us go forward with the Lord for good of the church and the world. Thank you."

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (2/13/13), UPDATED (3/1/13): Before continuing, I believe the timing of Benedict's resignation proves I am correct about Malachy's list of mottos of future popes being misinterpreted and misapplied. It is now clear the following nine antipopes should not have been included in the list: Victor IV (1159-1164), Paschal III (1164-1168), Callistus III (1168-1178), Nicholas V (1328-1330), Clement VII (1378-1394), Benedict XIII (1394-1423), Alexander V (1409-1410), John XXIII (1410-1415), and Felix V (1440-1449).
As has been a matter of record for the last eight years on this page, I do not believe Pope Benedict XVI was 'Gloria Olivae' but rather 'Lumen in Cælo' ('Light in the Sky'). Two distinct naked eye comets appeared during his reign: Comet McNaught (2007), a major and historic comet that could even be seen during daytime, and the easy to find Comet Holmes (also in 2007) visible every night, all night, for over a month in the northern hemisphere constellation of Perseus.
Comet P1 McNaught 2007 23 January Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Pope Benedict XVI in early 2007 in Vatican City Pope Benedict meets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in November 2007 Comet Holmes 2007 November
In addition, Comet PanSTARRS, now delighting southern hemisphere viewers, shall become even brighter in the evening sky in the northern hemisphere beginning on March 7.
The comet just reached the threshold of naked eye visibility as a morning object on February 11 ... the same day Pope Benedict announced to the world his decision to resign the papacy. PanSTARRS shall be bright throughout the entire month of March, and especially bright March 12 and 13, near to when a conclave will begin the process to elect a new pope by Easter, March 31.
Pope Benedict delivers his final Angelus Blessing Comet PanSTARRS over Argentina: photo by Ignacio Diaz Bobillo
Pope Benedict XVI, Benedictus, pontiff emeritus, 'Lumen in Cælo'
Thus, it appears that a major comet has marked Pope Benedict XVI's resignation announcement, and has brightened considerably in time to attend his actual resignation and the entire month to follow during which there shall be no pope. However, until the next pope is elected, in the meantime the "light in heaven" will grow brighter whilst Benedict XVI remains pontiff emeritus. Truly, if any pope deserved the motto Lumen in Cælo, is it not Benedict XVI?
And, if this is not enough ... as further proof that Pope Benedict XVI is 'Lumen in Cælo', two other notable lights in the heaven were seen while Benedict was still officially pope. One of these also occurred on the day he announced his resignation, the other on 15 February:
Lighting strikes the basilica of St.Peter's dome on February 11 only hours after the Pope announced his decision to resign on February 28 Doomsday: The pope quits, a meteor hits … Is it the end of the world?VOXXI,
February 15, 2013

Just hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation Feb. 11, lightning struck the top of the St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.
Is it the end of the world as we know it? It has been a busy week—Pope Benedict XVI quit the papacy, the first time it has been done in about 600 years.
Then this morning, the country woke up to news of a bus-sized meteor striking Earth and unleashing as much power as an atomic bomb.
Plus, many have seen that picture of lightning striking St. Peter’s Basilica taken earlier this week, shortly after the pope made his announcement.
The Urals region was struck by a falling meteoritePeople in the city of Chelyabinsk saw a bright light then felt a huge shockwave
There may be more to Benedict's resignation than his concerns about his age or possible health problems. Lest we forget, exactly one year ago the following warning was released to the public:

We might even regard the arrival of Comet PanSTARRS along with the lightning striking the basilica of St. Peter's dome as Benedict's 'Light in the Sky' and the meteorite exploding over Chelyabinsk, Russia as a sign of the coming 'Burning Fire.' We might say all three of these are portents associated with the transfer of power over the period from Benedict to Francis, demonstrating characteristics of both.

Pope Benedict XVI: "Gloria Olivae" Was Clearly a Forced Malachy Motto
It had long been whispered in the Vatican halls that a Benedictine would lead when all the nations of Christendom would come to be in grave peril from the enemies gathering in the East. The author of this folly was a 12th Century monk named St Malachy who conferred upon the 111th pope on his list the motto of Gloria Olivae, which translated means "the Glory of the Olive."
The order St Benedict founded, the Benedictines, is also known as the "Olivetans." Clearly, someone in the Vatican went to a lot of trouble to force the prophecy of Malachy to come true. Being a Benedictine is one thing, but electing a pope to take on the name of Benedict would make it appear that the prophecy had been sealed.
This, after the shortest election conclave in Vatican history, leaves little room for doubt that this rite of passage was all planned out in advance.
The choice of Benedict almost guaranteed that a world war was looming on the horizon.
Why? The last Benedict, Benedict XV, became pope in 1914 just before World War I broke out. He spent the next four years trying to get the warring nations of Europe to mend their differences and end the most calamitous conflict in world history up to that time.
So, this tells us several things. The Vatican believed at the time of Benedict's election, and still believes, that World War III is right around the corner. They wanted a pope in power who could live up to the name given by Malachy: "Glory of the Olive" -- a name which also signifies the role of the peacemaker (to this day "offering an olive branch" is a gesture of peace). Thus, they hoped Pope Benedict XVI would be instrumental in bringing a quick end to the coming world war, preventing it from happening, or leading all of Christendom in the coming great conflict of good against evil where the West and Christianity will emerge victorious.
And let us not forget that Benedict still lives ... as a retired pope. Should anything happen to Pope Francis, should he be assassinated by warlike forces, Benedict could be pulled out of retirement in an effort to make the peace.
It is even possible that by retiring, rather than dying, Benedict's motto of Gloria Olivae has been passed on to Pope Francis. Think of it as Benedict being Gloria Olivae Part One and Francis as Gloria Olivae Part Two. If this is what has happened, Petrus Romanus may still be in the future: the next pope to be elected.

His Legacy
At first alienating the Islamic world with 14th Century maledictions; afterwards he bowed to Mecca from what was once Constantinople, stood amid the ruins atop Mount Nebo to view the Holy Land where Moses once stood, and appealed for reconciliation between Jews and Muslims from a podium in Amman. He was also the first pope to enter the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem's Old City and the first pope to pray at the Western Wall.
He was the first pope to visit Great Britain in 30 years, and his was the first state visit by a pope since the 16th century when King Henry VIII broke from Rome. To that end, he won the admiration of the Archbishop of Canterbury who joined with him in calls for a marriage between The Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church. Indeed, if any pope ever came close to establishing a unified Christian Church, it may well have been Pope Benedict XVI.
Also, Pope Benedict XVI was the first Pope to have presided over the Beatification of his predecessor in over 1,000 years of Church history and the first retired Pope ever to assist the reigning Pope, Francis, in a ceremony to bestow sainthood on two former popes: Saint John Paul II and Saint John XXIII.
If he is to be called upon to be pope once again should Francis die, then the legacy of Benedict XVI is not yet complete.

Pope John Paul II in Prophecy

The passing of Pope John Paul the Great, the third-longest living pope in all of Vatican history, the period of mourning, the grand public funeral, and the historic election of Pope Benedict XVI, was the only major news story during the month of April 2005.
One can easily recognise the career of John Paul II in the following quatrain:

Quatrain 5.56
Because of the passing of the very old Pontiff,
Will be elected to Rome one of good age.
He will be accused of weakening the Holy See,
And long will he hold to it with stinging effort.
1981 shooting of the pope The Pope waves from his hospital window

Lest we forget, because of the natural death of the elderly Pope Paul VI (and the short one-month reign of Pope John Paul I, not mentioned in this quatrain), a pope of "good age" -- 58-year-old Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla -- was elected. The new pope, taking the name John Paul II, was youthful and vigorous when he first came to the sacred office in October 1978, a former sportsman, mountain climber and football player, and an active skier and swimmer.
He was (and is) a very controversial pope whose ideas were and are not always popular in the Vatican. To some he had been seen to have failed in reforming the Catholic Church itself, maintaining extremely controversial policies on contraception and homosexuality until quite recently, whilst failing to arrest a decline in congregations (again, until quite recently). This is likely what Nostradamus means by his being "accused of weakening the Holy See." On the other hand, the Pope has always been consistently and universally praised for attempting to build greater understanding between Judaism, Islam and Christianity, visiting more countries than any previous pope, and promoting non-violent revolution against oppressive regimes, especially communism.
The last line is painfully obvious: John Paul II has held the papacy the third longest of all popes in history, with "stinging effort" indicating the assassination attempt on his life in 1981 by Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca, an attempted stabbing by a knife-wielding Spanish priest in 1983, and his continuing endurance whilst suffering from the ravages of arthritis and Parkinson's disease.
This quatrain does not speak of death at all -- but of a long life!


Pope John Paul II lies in state The dome of St. Peter's Basilica towers over thousands gathered in Vatican City
It would appear that the following Nostradamus prophecy below also applied to the late Pope John Paul the Great. Even so, there are certain specifics in the quatrain that have yet to play out. So only Time will tell for certain.
The Pope was indeed "dispersed" in the night, just as I maintained he would be:

Quatrain 6.6

Comet MachholzIt will appear towards Ursa Minor,
Not far from Cancer, the bearded star:
Susa [NW Italy], Siena [central Italy], Boetia [SE Greece], Eretria [E. Greece],
The great one of Rome will die, the night dispersed.

Lines 1 and 2 inform us there will be a comet that will begin or end as a circumpolar object when the Pope dies. Such a comet did arrive this year and ended up, at low naked eye visibility, in Ursa Minor. It remains there still; however, it has faded to a binocular, small telescopic object. Comet Machholz first became visible in the southeast in December 2004 and brightened to magnitude 3 when it crossed near Castor and Pollux and the Pleiades in January 2005. For those who enjoy dark skies very far away from city lights (10 to 50 miles away depending on the size of the city), Machholz appeared like smaller version of the greenish-blue comet Hyakutake that appeared spectacular even to city dwellers back in March 1996.
If Machholz is the comet of prophecy, it makes all the more sense that this was the time for the Pope to succumb to catastrophic illness and old age.
What will be happening in Italy and Greece is not altogether clear.
Greece will likely become a part of a major Balkan conflict prophesied by a living Austrian prophet from Kremms, the Seer of Waldviertel, and also prophesied by Nostradamus. This Balkans conflict is to occur during a terrible war in the Middle East. As for Italy, civil war or revolution in that country is also prophesied to begin shortly after.
Then again, the references to Greece and Italy could relate to a rash of deadly earthquakes or escalating acts of terrorism by Al Qaeda and other groups in both countries. Nostradamus specifically predicts unprecedented terrorism for Italy from those who once worshipped the ancient gods of Hannibal (Tunisia and Libya) and from the direction of Babel (Iraq) before the coming of a great and terrible world war.
What else could be meant by "the night dispersed" besides the time of day when the Pope would die? It could mean a dispersal of "night" worldwide by extraordinary means.
Perhaps, unknown to us, "Planet X" is finally closing in on Earth. Earthquake and volcanic activity has been increasingly violent and almost unprecedented. It is now said that the ancient super-volcano Toba will reawaken and erupt in the Pacific, unleashing enough fire to burn away 30% or more of the planet's forests and grasslands in a rain of super-heated plasma and produce enough ash to plunge the world into a "nuclear winter." Ever larger meteor sightings and collisions are also on the increase, suggesting we may be entering a debris field or "tail" belonging to this celestial body. Therefore, the "it" that "appears towards Ursa Minor, the Tropic of Cancer, and the bearded star (Comet Machholz)" may be the brown dwarf star of myth and antiquity, Nibiru, also regarded by many to be the Wormwood of Revelation.
As I have mentioned before elsewhere, if we are to be visited by such a nightmare as ancient Nibiru, the prophet Mother Shipton warns we will be thrashed by the "dragon's tail" twice. The red dragon star's first passage, an inbound one, will be the least destructive of the two according to Mother Shipton. The outbound passage, almost forty years later, will wipe out at least 5/6 of humanity, reducing the global population to "such a tiny band."
Then again "the night dispersed" could be a poetic way of saying that the papal policies of the Pope's long career will be dispersed on the night of his death. This would then suggest that his successor will be a quite different person who will change many of the Vatican's positions on various social and international issues.

Pope John Paul II: "De Labore Solis" or "De Medietate Lunae?"
According to the 12th Century prophet St Malachy there are only two more popes to follow Pope John Paul II: "Glory of the Olive" (supposedly the newly-elected pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI) and lastly, "Peter the Roman." The now-deceased John Paul II was supposed to have the motto: "De Labore Solis" or "Labour of the Sun." Many prophecy commentators thought that meant John Paul would undergo many tribulations during the late 20th Century, also called the Century of the Sun in astrology. Otherwise, the motto was a mystery and Malachy's predictions potentially unreliable.
As if to prove the motto was correct, there was a partial eclipse of the sun in southern Europe during the funeral on Friday, April 8, 2005. And there is more evidence suggesting John Paul the Great was "Labour of the Sun" according to the following article from NewsMax:

Prophecy on Pope Fulfilled by Eclipses?
Wednesday, April 6, 2005 3:55 p.m. EDT
Partial solar eclipse will be seen from southern California to central New JerseyA 10th Century Irish bishop - St. Malachy - predicted every pope that would preside over the Catholic Church. Almost ten centuries ago, Malachy predicted this pope would be noted by an eclipse of the sun.
In an eerie coincidence, John Paul II was the only known pope to be born on the day of a solar eclipse.
But the prophetic link doesn't end there. Pope John Paul II will be buried this Friday during another solar eclipse.
Astronomers say that on Friday, the day of the Pope's funeral, a partial solar eclipse will blot out most of the sun and darken a wide area of the world, from the South Pacific to the Western Hemisphere.
Solar eclipses are not unusual. But what makes this coming Friday's eclipse notable is the fact that there was a near total eclipse of the sun seen across Europe on May 18, 1920, the very day that John Paul II was born in Poland.
Adding fuel to the arcane speculation about these events is the prophecy of St. Malachy. Malachy was discovered to have left behind a prophetic list of all future popes beginning with Pope Celestine II, whose papacy began in 1143 A.D., up to and including the 112th. The list includes John Paul and just two more popes who will follow him.
In his list of popes, he uses a single line in Latin identifying a characteristic of each pope.
The description applied to the 110th pope on his list - John Paul II - is "De Labore Solis" (Of the Solar Eclipse), which seems to add great weight to the validity of St. Malachy’s chilling prophecy: that the next two popes chosen to succeed John Paul II will be the last popes.
After the reign of the last pope, "Peter the Roman," St. Malachy wrote, Rome will be destroyed.
As reported April 3, Saint's Prophecy: Only Two Popes Remain, the 112th prophecy says, "In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will reign Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman), who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city [Rome] will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people," an indication that the world will end.

Not mentioned in the above article is the legend of the 111th pope -- "Glory of the Olive."
Still, a few thoughts have occurred to me regarding Malachy. Did he count the antipopes as popes? Probably not (which means Benedict XVI is the 101st pope after Celestine II, not the 111th).
Also, regarding De Medietate Lunae which was supposedly applied to the extremely short-lived Pope John Paul the First.  33 days is an awfully short period of time.  Is it possible Malachy overlooked John Paul I but saw only John Paul II?  After all, "John Paul" was a most unusual name. If so, then that would make "Of the Half Moon" John Paul II's motto and not "Labour of the Sun."
It would apply very well to Pope John Paul the Great.  Here is why: both the half moon and crescent moon are symbols of Islam.  John Paul II was the first pope to visit the Muslim and Arab nations and open up friendly relations between them and the Vatican. Of course, the Jubilee Year was the zenith year of this embrace of Islamic nations by John Paul II (who also greeted Iranian President Mohammad Khatami and Iraqi Prime Minister Tariq Aziz at the Vatican and condemned the then-pending US war in Iraq).

The Sun Pope and the Moon Princess

Pope John Paul II and Princess DianaAnother matter regarding the moon is a linkage between the late Princess Diana (Diana, Goddess of the Moon) to the Pope.
It is well-known that the Roman goddess, Diana (Artemis in the Greek pantheon), was the goddess of the Moon. Thus, Princess Diana, because of this namesake, is also associated with the moon. Indeed, Nostradamus makes much of this in a few of his prophecies.
Her star and his star rose together, nearly side-by-side. She died in Paris at the zenith of her popularity in August 1997 -- shortly after John Paul visited Paris himself. Not long after her death, John Paul II, almost by default, found his health and his powers moving steadily in decline, then accelerating downhill after 2000.
John Paul II's funeral was held exactly 7 years and 7 months after the funeral of Princess Diana!
Pope John Paul II and Princess DianaYet another good reason for John Paul II to be given the motto "Of the Half Moon."
So, if this is true, then there are still two popes remaining after the current one, Benedict XVI, who would then be Labour of the Sun and not Glory of the Olives.
Of course, if the 10 antipopes were not counted by Malachy (and I doubt they were), this would have made John Paul II the 100th pope after Celestine II, rather than the 110th. Thus, he would have had whatever motto was applied to Pope Gregory XVI (1831-1846).
Still, Pope John Paul II could yet be associated with the sun metaphorically, as a complement to Diana's moon.
Christianity is often associated through symbolism with the sun. Apollo was the Roman sun god and the son of Jupiter. He overthrew his Jovian father (Paganism) and spawned the modern age of Man (Christendom).
However, the late poet and author Robert Graves argues in his book, The White Goddess, that Apollo is synonymous with the age of science, a sterile god who, by usurping the pantheon of the Gods and their one King, has destroyed man's natural association with the supernatural. Thus "divine" intervention is required (the Muse according to Graves, or from a Christian perspective, an angel, the Virgin Mary, etc).
Pope John Paul II was the first pope to make his working devotion to the "woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet." To some this is Mary; to others it is a woman persecuted by the forces of Satan who is about to give birth to a man-child to reign as the "Son of Man."
This woman could have been Princess Diana; and is likely to be still another woman in the future who will succeed in delivering this long-awaited child.
Thus, the pontificate of John Paul II seems to have been symbolised by both sun and moon.

The Original Mission of This Web Page: How Pope John Paul the Great Narrowly Escaped Being the Slain Pontiff of Quatrain 2.97
On October 16, 1998, it was reported that Pope John Paul II was planning to visit Iraq ("the land between two rivers") in the summer of 1999.
The original version of this web page was created in the early spring of 1999 to warn that such a trip might prove dangerous to the Pope and those close to him. In July 1999 it was revealed that he hoped to make a pilgrimage to the ancient city of Ur, the birthplace of Abraham, and meet with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. That visit was postponed until December 1999 and then re-scheduled for January 2000.
Thankfully, on December 10, 1999, it was announced that the trip had been canceled.
Again, during the Jubilee Year, the Pope expressed a desire to visit Baghdad and the ancient city of Ur, and again what might have been a May 2001 trip was canceled.
I am convinced that the Pope narrowly escaped what would have been a likely assassination attempt, probably at the behest of Osama bin Laden, had any of the planned trips to Iraq moved forward in 1999, 2000, 2001, or 2003. It is very strange that so many attempted trips to Iraq were cancelled -- in one instance at the request of the United States government.
Were he alive to visit Iraq now, it would be incredibly dangerous -- dangerous beyond belief. Needless to say, Pope Benedict XVI must also refrain from visiting such a perilous place.

A Base 7 Prediction Fulfilled
I believe that history repeats itself (more or less) at intervals of seven years and MULTIPLES of seven years. I call this mathematically-based theory "base 7 numerology" (although it is not true numerology, but a mathematically-contrived system).
The key to the future, in other words, lies in the past. History truly does repeat itself, yet not always exactly.
I use real historical events, their months and years, as the index or precedent(s) for the projected future event. I also use real prophecy and close observation of current events to calculate what direction we are heading. I find that to the year I am usually between 71% and 91% successful with my predictions.
Alois Estermann, Captain of the Swiss GuardsIn the appendix of my book, Nostradamus and the Final Age, I indicated that Pope John Paul II might be in danger during the base 7 vector of June/July 1998. On May 4, 1998, three days after I mailed my manuscript out to Llewellyn Worldwide, Alois Estermann, the second-in-command of the Pope's Swiss Guards, was slain by a disgruntled non-commissioned officer. Estermann's wife, Gladys Romero, was also shot to death by Cedrich Tornay who afterwards turned the murder weapon on himself. All three died; blood flowing from their mouths. It was the worst tragedy to befall the Swiss Guards in over five hundred years.
Then on August 29, 1999 -- once again during the season of the rose -- another death plagued the Vatican. The suicide of a worshipper who managed to smuggle a gun into St. Peter's Basilica raised security concerns for the Church and Vatican City four months before the start of the Holy Year. The suicide claimed to be both Christ and Michelangelo.
Benedetto Minnini of the port city of Bari, shot himself in the mouth on the afternoon of August 24 while the basilica was crowded with tourists. A woman videotaping inside happened to catch the suicide on tape, and apparently was the first to alert authorities. Blood flowed from yet another mouth for the second year in a row -- and during a predicted August-October 1999 vector.
One must remember Nostradamus' warning to the Pope: blood will not only flow from his mouth, but from those close to him ("both you and yours"). That is why the main focus of Quatrain 2.97 remains unfulfilled, despite commentators who insist that it is to be applied to Pius VI who died of acute enteritis at Valence in 1799. Pius did not "approach" the city (implying an act of volition), which is indeed watered by two rivers -- he was captured and taken prisoner there. Yes, it was reported that he vomited blood; however, no one in the pope's company died in a similar fashion. Indeed, the pope died alone.
Using my base 7 system yet again, I warned that Pope John Paul might be in danger were he to travel abroad in May 2002, twenty-one (3 x 7) years after the assassination attempt that seriously wounded him.
Here is what happened in May 2002:

Bulgaria on alert for pope's visit -- Security scare as man rushes pope

May 23, 2002 Posted: 2:48 PM EDT (1848 GMT)
Pope John Paul II is carried on a mobile platform upon his arrival in BulgariaSOFIA, Bulgaria (CNN) -- Ailing Pope John Paul II has arrived in Bulgaria for his first papal visit to the country, where all its 27,000 police have been put on duty or standby. It is hoped his four-day visit will heal wounds with the former communist country which was once implicated in the 1981 assassination attempt against the pontiff. The trip is also aimed at bringing a reconciliation of Christianity's eastern and western churches.
The pope praised Christians in largely Orthodox Bulgaria for their resistance to communist-era oppression. The 82-year-old pope, who has looked ever more frail recently, had the strength to make impromptu remarks in Italian after his official speech, thanking Bulgarians for his welcome joking: "The pope is an old man and that's why he is sitting down," while he gestured to Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov, who stood by his side during the arrival ceremony.
He urged Bulgaria to retain Christian values as it undertakes difficult social reforms in the push to convert the still deeply poor ex-communist state to a market economy, Reuters news agency reported. He also remembered the victims of east Europe's authoritarian regimes. "Even during the long winter of the totalitarian system, which brought suffering to your country... numberless children of this people remained heroically faithful to Christ, in not a few cases to the point of sacrificing their lives," the pope said. The hard-line communists who ruled Bulgaria from World War Two to 1989 repressed both majority Orthodox Christians, around 80 percent of the 8 million population, and the 80,000 Roman Catholic minority in the name of atheism.
On arrival in Sofia, the pope was carried down the steps of the plane on a lift and his usual ritual of kissing the tarmac on disembarkation was substituted for his blessing a pot of soil lifted to his lips. He was then ferried to the airport terminal on an electric platform. The tour is likely to be a strain on an ailing pope who has been forced to jettison some of his traditional rituals during the two-country tour of Azerbaijan and Bulgaria.
During the first-stage in Azerbaijan, the pope escaped a security alert when a shouting man on crutches rushed towards the altar where the pope was presiding over mass.
Security guards block a man as he rushes Pope John Paul IISecurity officials told journalists the man said he wanted to have his picture taken with the pontiff. The situation resolved itself and the man later received a blessing from the pope. The pope survived an assassination attempt 20 years ago in Rome for which three Bulgarians were tried for suspected complicity in the shooting by a Turk but cleared by the Italian court through lack of evidence.
Pope John Paul has said he has "never ceased" to love the Bulgarian people. Foreign Minister Solomon Pasi is quoted by The Associated Press as calling the visit "a blessing," adding: "This visit will wipe out the undeserved taint Bulgaria has carried for the past 20 years."
Helicopters made low sweeps over the capital and army snipers took up positions around the airport as the pope arrived at about 6 p.m. local time on Thursday.
The pontiff, who first visited an Orthodox country in 1999 when he travelled to Romania, is likely to use his Bulgarian trip to renew his call for a reunification of Christianity's eastern and western Churches, which split in 1054.
He is scheduled to visit an Orthodox monastery near the southern town of Rila and hold an outdoor mass in the southeast in Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city.
As well as meeting Patriarch Maxim on Friday, the pope will also meet leaders of the one million Bulgarian Muslims and the country's tiny Jewish community, which numbers between 7,000 and 8,000, some of whom worship at the world's largest Sephardic synagogue in Sofia.
He also plans to beatify three Roman Catholic priests who were executed in 1952 after being convicted of spying by the then communist regime.
The pope arrived in Bulgaria from the Azerbaijani capital of Baku after a two-day trip during which he gave mass for all 120 of the country's registered Roman Catholics -- mostly expatriates.

And again, only five days after the end of May:

Pope caught in Vatican bomb scare

June 5, 2002
VATICAN (CNN) -- Pope John Paul II has been caught up in a bomb alert after a man threatened to blow himself up at the Vatican.
The man, who is believed to be mentally unstable, was reported to have phoned a local television station warning that he was about to carry out a bombing at St Peter's Square on Wednesday. The 45-year-old Italian was arrested carrying a hoax bomb -- empty tubes with dangling wires -- after shouting accusations against local politicians, Reuters news agency quoted police as saying.
The pope was holding his weekly general audience at the time, but it is not known how close he was to the incident.
The suspect, who police say has a history of psychological problems, was believed to have been protesting at corruption in his native southern Italy.
He had told the TV station that he was about to blow himself up outside the Vatican post offices in the square, but in fact he made his way to another part where pilgrims were queuing. The man was screaming out that he wanted to meet journalists and magistrates to talk about the alleged corruption.
Police sealed off the area and temporarily stopped the flow of pilgrims into the square before preparations were resumed for the audience.

Back in 2003, I indicated that I believed John Paul II might hold on and finally succumb of natural causes sometime in August-October 2006 -- an important base 7 numerological anniversary (4 x 7) of the deaths of Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul I, and Pope John Paul II's ascension to the Holy See during the same period of 1978.
However, around March 23, 2005, I realised that I had overlooked posting another vector -- one which had disturbing implications -- that indicated the Pope would instead succumb to natural causes around June/July 2005 on the 42nd (6 x 7) anniversary of Pope John XXIII's death on June 30, 1963. This vector was quickly posted to this page on March 24, 2005 and then to the 2005 (Part Two) page on March 31.
The Pope was unable to speak, but blessed the crowdThis, as it turns out, was the correct vector and only off by two months and twenty-eight days.
Bear in mind that when this June/July 2005 vector was posted on this page on March 24, Vatican officials were playing down concerns about Pope John Paul II's health. The pontiff made a silent and brief appearance from his apartment window overlooking St. Peter's Square that same day, as he had the previous day, silently blessing the faithful gathered below.
So, despite his recent ill health, there was absolutely no reason to suspect with any certainty that the Pope would be dead within the space of nine days due to a sudden onset of sepsis caused by an undiagnosed urinary tract infection.
This is why it was a PREDICTION FULFILLED and without a doubt a base 7 link to 1963 and the death of Pope John XXIII.

The Pope and the President
According to the base 7 system, this year is also the year that President Bush is in greatest danger of falling victim to the Shawnee Curse (also known as the curse of Chief Tecumseh). Therefore 2005 may be very similar to 1963 when Pope John XXIII and President John F Kennedy died four months and twenty-two days apart.

Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) President John F Kennedy (1961-1963)
Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) President John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)
Pope John Paul II (1978-2005?) President George W Bush (2001-2005?)
Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) President George W. Bush (2001-2005?)

An interesting link between John Paul II and John XXIII has been discussed on CNN:
It has been reported that John XXIII's body was in excellent condition when it was exhumed from the cramped grotto under the basilica in 2001 -- 38 years after his death -- and moved to the main floor following his beatification. I have seen recent photos of the body, and can confirm that there were absolutely no signs of decay. John XXIII looks today as he did when he died in June 1963.
John Paul II, who expressed a will to be buried underground, was buried in John XXIII's vacant tomb.
In addition, his name was changed to Pope John Paul the Great and it is quite likely that one day, like John XXIII, he too shall be made a saint.
Now that the most popular pope since John XXIII has died, President George W. Bush will be in extremely grave and mortal danger of death in what is also the 42nd anniversary of John F Kennedy's assassination in 1963.
Bush recently crossed the latest dates any president subject to the Tecumseh Curse has survived to: April 12 (FDR) and April 14 (Lincoln) of a year ending in 5.
Having survived this, he may find himself in positive peril of losing his life four months and twenty-two days after the death of Pope John Paul II: around August 24, 2005. Then comes the actual 42nd anniversary of Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 2005. Of course, I would not expect the specific dates to be the ones to worry about, which is why I project by the month or window of months and year and not by the day, month, and year. The base 7 system is rarely exact to the very day.
For more on Bush and the Tecumseh curse, see Signature of Death for US President in 2005.


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