Friday, December 5, 2014

Amnesty Supporter Used the Race Card, and Trey Gowdy FIRED BACK with Both Barrels! (WATCH)

Amnesty Supporter Used the Race Card, and Trey Gowdy FIRED BACK with Both Barrels! (WATCH)

The Executive Director of the National Law Center Marielena Hincapie just got the biggest slap-down of her life after she suggested that Republicans only oppose President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty orders because Obama is black. You have to watch this!
Gowdy shot back:
You suggested race was the basis for why we may have this constitutional perspective; did I understand you correctly?
And during the pathetic response, Gowdy interrupts:
“Well, let me offer another explanation to you. Not a single Republican who is here right now has ever served under a Republican president — not one. So I hope I do live long enough to hold a Republican president to the exact same standard that I am holding this one. But for you to run to race as the explanation for why we hold the position that we do.
“Harry Reid had a very different perspective on recess appointments when there was a Texan in the White House. And none of us accused him of geographic discrimination.
Then, Gowdy lowered the boom…
In fact, hell, for that matter, Senator Obama had a different perspective on executive overreach than President Obama and nobody runs to race as an explanation for that. So I would just caution you to be careful when you try to import motives to people.
Hincapie didn’t expect such a response to her shameful and hateful rhetoric. But Gowdy put her in her place. Supporting the Constitution is not racism.
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